[qadianism] Re: Finality of Prophethood - What is Qadiani View
By Rashid @emirates.net.ae

Dear Mr AAziz

I have three things to tell about your following question:

Firstly, I have not claimed anything and therefore I do not have to prove that I am
a true Muslim and truthfulness of my faith does not depend on answering such a

Secondly I am not a religious scholar and we have heard on this forum from other
followers of Mirza Ghulam that only the opinion or interpretation of recognised
scholar is valid. You have mentioned yourself that my opinion or arguments are
based on hearsay than on Quran. So surely you wouldn't benefit from them.

Thirdly, even for argument's sake if i accept your interpretation, how does it
prove that Mirza Ghulam was a true prophet?

Wassalam to those who follow the hidayah


Abdul Aziz wrote:
> Dr. Rashid: Don't worry that I am holding on to the last straw. If you are a
> true Muslim then answer my question. I referred you to verse 35 of sura Al
> Araaf. Tell me your interpretation. Based on this verse, I claim that  there
> can be one or more than one ummati prophets after Prophet Muhammad (SAS). I
> wait for your response though I know you your arguments are based more on
> heresay than on Quran.

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