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Kindly tell us the exact reference from where you have derived these 
criteria?  If you are true, then you have to admit that Mirza Ghulam 
was totally ignorant and you are more knowledgeable than him because 
the criteria that he mentioned in his books was his prophecies. He 

"Torah and Quran has designated PROPHECIES to be the only big 
proof of Prophethood."
(Roohani Khazain vol.12 p.111)

"To judge my truthfulness or falsehood, there is no better test
than my prophecies".
(Roohani Khazain vol.5 p.288)

Well, who is correct you or your 'prophet' ?


Abdul Aziz wrote:

> Mr. McKlosky: Could you tell me the tests you applied to determine whether
> Mirza Sahib was or not a true prophet of God. For your information Quran
> mentions some tests. (1) A prophet appears when there is sin all over. (2).
> The person appointed a prophet has never told a lie before he declared
> himself to be God's appointee. (3) His mission always succeeds even when the
> whole world opposes him. These tests are derived from Quran where God,
> almighty tells Muhammad (SAS) to put up these as the proof of his
> prophethood. Could you please tell me the tests you applied.

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