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> Argument # 4. The author wrote that  " The Founder of the
> Ahmadiyya Community states that  'all the prophets from
> the first to the last have appeared in Asia' (Izala Auham,
> pp. 515-6)  so how come Socrates is stated in RRKT to be a
> true prophet of God even though he appeared in the West?
> So, in this conflict between the Founder and a Successor
> of his, whose side will the Ahmadis take?"
> Ans: The conflict indicated above is totally baseless and
> it is regretting to say that as previously mentioned is a
> result of shortsightedness.  The complete text of Azalah
> Auham page 515-5 is like this " As if God has granted the
> entire religious wisdom to Asia and the entire worldly
> wisdom to Europe and America. The line of Prophets from
> first to last also remained in Asia's share".
> From the text of "Azalah Auham" above it can not be
> inferred that according to Mirza Sahib (A.S) no Prophet
> had ever appeared outside Asia because :

Mr Qamar, I request you to quote the correct and whole text.
Mirza says:

"In fact till this day the relation of Western Countries
with the religious truths has been very little, AS IF As if
God has granted the entire religious wisdom to Asia and the
entire worldly wisdom to Europe and America. (FULL STOP -
Rashid) The line of Prophets from first to last also
remained in Asia's share and the achievements of sainthood
were also granted to them. Now Allah wants to bestow His
blessing upon them." (Izala-e-Auham, Roohani Khazain vol. 3

Mirza made a statement regarding the religious and worldly
wisdom and then gave a proof of this religious wisdom by
giving two examples - Line of prophets and sainthood. At
least in this place, Mirza has clearly stated that ALL
PROPHETS from begining to end came in ASIA. Please try to
read the statement again, in Urdu if possible, and foucs on
the construction of the sentence.

By your examples given below, you have made it all the more
clear the contradictions in the writings of Mirza Ghulam. It
is a fact that a liar does not remember what he has said
earlier (the wisdom behind repeated interrogation of the
culprit is to detect the discrepancies in his statement).
There are several examples of such contradictions in the
writings of Mirza Ghulam. InshaAllah, shortly I will post
few such contradictions.

> a) The text begins with "AS IF" and it then states that
> God has granted the entire worldly wisdom to Europe &
> America. It does not mean that Asia is completely void of
> worldly wisdom rather, it clearly means that Europe and
> America far exceed Asia in worldly wisdom. Similarly, Asia
> far exceeds Europe and America in religious wisdom and
> appearance of Prophets.
> b) Mirza Sahib (A.S) while referring to verse 22 of Surah
> Fatir has very very clearly explained  his opinion on said
> issue and has left no doubt in this regard. Following are
> just few examples:
> 1. " There is no country in which Messenger and Reformer
> has not appeared." (Surmah Chashma Aria page 243) .
> 2.  " God has taught us that there is no population and
> country where He has not sent a Prophet" (Haqiqa-tul-Wahi
> page 291)
> 3.   " There is no Township and country where Prophets
> were not sent" (Baseem-e-Dawat page 61)
> 4. " There is no country where admonisher had not sent"
> Chashma-e-Maarfat page 86)
> 5. " There is no nation where Prophets or Messengers were
> not sent". ( Pagham-e-Sulah page 5)
> So, it is clear like a bright day that there is no
> contradiction whatsoever between Hadhrat Mirza Sahib (A.S)
> and his successors. Dear brother, it is ones owns biased
> intentions and inner contradictions that are reflected at
> the time of all Prophets and therefore, all the Prophets
> are charged with similar allegations by the unbelievers.
> Please pray to Allah that He may guide us all towards
> right path.

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