[qadianism] Great news for Ahmadis
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Assalaamu'alaikum wr. wb.

As Ahmadis belief, they welcome any prophet after Muhammad saw.
That is why they believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a Prophet.
They argue about Isa A.S. and not about their leader Mirza 
himself, it is very ironic. If we themself are wrong ones, 
then you, Ahmadis, should give proofs and we will conduct 

Anyway, this is a great news for you. The new leader of you is
coming. I would like to hear your comment

See the picture of your new LEADER: 

With her followers:

Imam Mahdi Is Ready To Be Stoned To Death
Lia acknowledges that with her confession as Imam Mahdi she will
be exposed to enormous risks. But she is prepared to receive 
blasphemous remarks and whatever punishment that awaits her.

She always looks cheerful. She was always smiling, greeting 
anyone sincerely. Lia Aminuddin was previously known as a 
florist, a poet writer, and capable of healing people. Recently
she proclaimed herself as the messenger of the "divine 
decree". She admitted herself as the virgin Mary who gave
birth to Isa, and as the Imam Mahdi. "God has ordered me 
to proclaim peace to the universe," she said.

Lia's misterious travel was then put in a book titled 
Perkenankan Aku Menjelaskan Sebuah Takdir (Let me tell you a
divine decree). The 232-page book was distributed freely to 
the various departments, government officials, and religious
leaders on August 10, and received extraordinary reception. 
Some of them uttered blasphemous remarks, but some with 
sympathy - particularly to her followers of some 100 people.

GATRA's reporter Herry Mohammad, Mauluddin Anwar, Krisnadi 
Yuliawan, and Wisnu Prabowo (photographer), on Wednesday and
Saturday last week interviewed Lia Aminuddin in a rented 
villa - which later on used as their new headquarters since
last August 13 - at Puncak resort, West Java. Excerpts:

Q: Since when you have become Iman Mahdi?

A: Last August 18, I took an oath administered by Gabriel, the
guardian angel to become Imam Mahdi. My son, Ahmad Mukti was 
also sworn as the Prophet Isa. But I have yet to make an 
announcement of this. Perhaps it was beause of this that this
Saturday morning that God through the guardian angel reminds 
me. According to the guardian angel, if I continue to feel 
awkward to announce, then God's mercy will be postponed and
God will keep exposing my lies. But if I announce it, then 
my problem will be settled.

Q: What about those who has previously claimed themselves as 
Imam Mahdi, such Mirza Ghulam Ahmad or Imam Mahdi Simalungun?

A: Many people claimed themselves as Imam Mahdi and Prophet 
Isa at Judgement Day. But who could claim that they have 
received the divine decree from God? And the guardian angel
also specifies that my dialogs with the universe was the
window of the divine decree, because God will show how the
universe (moon, stars, sun, clouds, and wind) could have a
daily dialog with me. Who could ever imitates, orders the
universe, if it's not God Himself?

Q: What is your position compared to the earlier claimers as
Imam Mahdi?

A: I can not give you comment about this. 

Q: How to confirm that your are truly from God?

A: How easy to answer such question. You just wait and see for
youself the proof from God, whom He will point out as the 
righteous. Those who wish to make comparison, just see the
products, the output. Yes, among others, in the books I have

Q: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in India claimed himself as a prophet, 
and said that  whoever against his teachings will go astray. 
What about you?

A: I don't bring new teachings. I have order from God to 
convey this, "Improve your faith, God's teaching, and you
will be approved by God. I am just a messenger of the teachings
of Mohammad SAW. Certainly I am still learning.

Q: What about those who rejected your teachings?

A: Those who reject are probably because of the way they protect
their faith. I was branded a heresy by the Indonesian Ulemas, by
KH Ali Yafie, and Prof Quraish Shihab. If I am the correct one, 
what a pity for them. Therefore, I asked them to ask God's 
forgiveness, ask for His guidance. Because by merely giving
comment they might fall into sin.

Hopefully God will open their eyes through performing the 
righteous things. And I was even ordered by the guardian angle
to embrace all religions. You have just heard  yourself that
Gabriel has composed a song for the Christians. I was even 
ordered to approach other religions through their own teachings.
Because God, although a religion is not God's religion, any
religion always try to expose the truth.

Q: In your opinion, will Maria and Isa reappear spiritually or

A: Its spirit. God has placed the spirit of Isa into the body
of Ahmad Mukti. And the spirit of the virgin Mary is within 
myself, because I am the mother of Ahmad, the virgin Mary was
the mother of Isa, right? The spirit is of the Prophet Isa, it
was only revealed just now.

Q: Is he physically presence as Isa?

A: Well, he surely presence physically. It is God who send down
the spirit. God didn't lift Isa's physical body. 

Q: Is Ahmad Mukti or Isa capable of saving humanity from the
judgement day?

A: In the end, no. But he can postpone for sometime.

Q: When will the judgement day will come?

A: Yes, about another 100 years to 200 years more.

Q: Aren't you afraid of the blasphemous remarks being directed 
at you at present and in the future?

A:  Why should I be afraid of the human being? I am more afraid 
of God. What I am doing is God's guidances through Gabriel, the
guardian angel. The universe witnessed all of these. I am sure,
God will always protect us. Certainly, a number of people 
regarded us as heretics, even cracy. I am not a heretic nor
crazy. This is all part of the risks. Let alone blasphemy, 
being stone to death I am ready.


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