[qadianism] Re: Al A'raf: 35
By umaraadil @excite.com

To the qadianis:

After exposing your improper use of Al A'Raf: 35 as a means of
support for your claims of mirza's prophethood, it was my 
expectation that you would have the courtesy, in a scientific
spirit of inquiry directed towards the truth, of acknowledging
your serious error in being misled by your translation of Rasul
as "prophet". More, that you would now concede that the
Holy Qur'an contains no permission to believe in mirza. Alas, I
have been disappointed on the second point, although you at 
least grudgingly acknowledge the first point: At least you 
accept the translation. 

But what is there not to accept in the logic? The ayah does not
give permission to believe in any forthcoming "messageless 
prophet" and even you acknowledge that mirza was not a 
message-bearing prophet.

The sura should be read in its entirety. From the many historical
references that Allah has given us in Sura Al A'Raf you will see
that it commands us to believe in those Rasul who have come 
before Muhammad (S.A.W.), and by inference to accept Muhammad,

It certainly has nothing to do with mirza.

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999 12:51:51 -0800 (PST), Abdul Aziz wrote:

> Mr. Mcklosky: I accept your translation but not your logic. Do you agree
> that, in command mode, the Quran is for the Muslims and those non-Muslims
> who will be alive during and after the life of prophet Muhammad (SAS)? If
> the word whenever is problematic and it gives Quadianis an opportunity to
> twist its meaning what about your kind of pious people. How do you certify
> yourself to be non-manipulative? You state that it is for a prophet coming
> from among yourself. I agree but how does it mean that no prophet will
> appear after Muhammad (SAS)? Give me a clear explanation please..
> >Umar Aadil Abdul Rahman McKloskey wrote:
> >> 
> >> Al A'raf 35 (Translation of the Meaning):
> >> 
> >> O ye Children of Adam!
> >> Whenever there come to you
> >> <Rasul> from amongst you,
> >> Rehearsing My Signs unto you -
> >> Those who are righteous
> >> And mend (their lives),-
> >> On them shall be no fear,
> >> Nor shall they grieve.
> >> 
> >
> >I don't know where you got this translation from but I am quoting
> >Pickthall.
> >
> >"O children of Adam! If messangers of your own come unto you who narrate
> >unto you my revealations, then whoever refrain from evil and amends,
> >there shall be no fear com eupon them nor shall they grieve"
> >
> >In your translation, the word "whenever" is problematic which is easily
> >manipulated to the advantage of the quadianies and, from my knowledge of
> >the Quadianies, they certainly will do that .  It by no way refer to any
> >other future messanger.  Rather it refers to "messanger of your own" for
> >prophet(pbuh), a human being and children of Adam, and tells that
> >whoever listens to him has nothing to worry.  The matter of the fact is
> >that Koran never addresses the Arabs but the "Children of Adam" or
> >"Mankind".  The whole of Quadianie propaganda is a sheer fraud and
> >manipulation.
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