[qadianism] Re: Refutation of Qadiani Quotes and Arguments - General Response
By Irshad @irshad.org

> Abdul Aziz:
> When I was going to mail the material I promised to send you 
> I got your comments on this web site. It shows that you have
> all the four boks I referred to, i.e., Tahzeer an Naas, 
> Alyawaqeet al Jawahar, Dafe al Wasawis. That is the only reason
> I did not send you that material. If you still want the same 
> material I shall be glad.

Actually, my recollection is somewhat different.  Here is what
you wrote in two different EMails last week:

   "...you will get the material soon, may be by the end of 
    this week..."

   "...As to sending it to you, surely it is on the way..."

I had also mentioned that I would be waiting for your package, 
before I would provide a reply to your EMail on the Finality 
of Prophethood.  Regardless, I hope we are past this confusion
and delay. I have been patient this long, what is another week?

Kindly rush me the original material; I'll gladly even pay for
the shipping if that is a concern. I am interested to see this
"special edition" you claim to have in your  possession.  As I
mentioned, I also have requested the same from Pakistan.  There
is nothing to worry about, we will, enshaAllah, get to the 
bottom of this alleged "special edition" soon enough.

For the record, as I previously mentioned, the opinion of the
Scholars you mentioned, per my notes, are misrepresented by
your "special edition" books.  They, in fact, definitely
supported the Doctrine of the Finality of Prophethood.

Finally, you mentioned you are not afraid of "talking with 
Muslims".  Of course, neither you nor anyone else should be
afraid of talking to us!  Everyone should know by now that
we do not verbally abuse our opponents to score cheap points.
That is unbecoming of those who believe, have confidence in
their faith, or seek the Truth.  In fact, you will find such
acts among politicians and misguided missionaries whose sole
aim is to cause sectarianism, confusion, and hatred among the

You can also be assured that you will not find among the 
believers those who make accusations, without providing 
supportive evidence.  Alhamdolellah, we know that we will be
held accountable for everything we say and do.  We fear 
Allah(SWT) and our discussion is only based on clear evidence
and the totality of the evidence.

Based on the exchanges between Muslims and Ahmadis on this
forum, so far, this statement of the Ahmadis reminds me of how
Mr. Clinton, in recent hearings, played with words to imply 
what had not occurred.  The question I have for all the Qadiani
writers is:

  You say you are not afraid of "talking with Muslims".  But,
  are you afraid to engage in a search for the Truth based on
  evidence or is your faith so weak that does not allow such
  a venue?  If you demand to present - and you have been allowed
  to do so on this forum - each one of the so called "proofs"
  provided to you by your leaders and request immediate answer,
  why would you not extend the same courtesy to the questions 
  and objections raised by the Muslims?  Certainly, this attitude
  can not be mistaken by anyone for the sign that someone is 
  forthcoming or dedicated to fairness and justice.

  When you say, you are not afraid of talking to us, do you mean
  you are not afraid of calling your opponents names, comparing 
  those who have Submitted to Jews and Christians, abusing the 
  scholars of Islam, putting forth forged ahadeeth, attributing
  falsehood to Muslim scholars, taking liberties with the Word 
  of Allah(SWT), diverting the discussion, repeating the same 
  question dozens of times, accusing your opponents of being 
  liars or satanic when unable to respond to a simple question,
  refusing to even provide names and quotations from Ahmadi
  books in support of your claims, ...?  This is something most
  unbecoming and most unjust.

If that is what is meant by "talking to Muslims", then I advise
all those who approach these discussions with that mind-set that
Allah(SWT) is ever aware of what they do and they will be held 
accountable for their every word and action.  Those who have been
mislead by the allures of this world will only then realize the
true significance of the Words of Truth:

   "How shall Allah Guide those who reject Faith after they
    accepted it and bore witness that the Messenger was true
    and that Clear Signs had come unto them? but Allah guides
    not a people unjust."  (Holy Quran, Al-e-Imran, 3.86)

I hope that we will see the birth of a more sincere attempt at
engaging in equitable exchanges on this forum.  That is the only
way those who are sincerely moved by the Love of Allah(SWT) and
Rasulollah(SAW) can discover the Truth.

Thank you.

Ultimate Success is with Allah(SWT) and may Peace and Blessings
of Allah be upon His Last Prophet, Muhammad(SAW), his family,
companions, and sincere followers till the Day of Judgment.

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