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Mr. Muzaffar: Your saying thaqt Ahmadis don't beieve in Jehad is a patent
lie. I gave you the example of Furqan Force. Yes Ahmadis distribute
literature to Serbs and Jews because we believe in Jehad bil Quran. We
provide these innocent Muslims material health also. Is a Muslim Serb or Jew
not better than a dead Serb or Jew?>
>Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz wrote:
>> Who says that we didn=B4t help other, we helped our Borthers and Sister in
>> Bosnian and now in Albanien, and all other countreis.This year on Eid, U.K
>> Jamaat spend about 96000 Pounds for poor chlidren for the Eid, so don=B4t tell
>> me we are wasting our money in TV etc.
>SubHanAllah. People in Bosnia were dying and now in AlBania Muslims are dying
>and what are you helping them with? When they need arms and Muslim mujahideen to
>fight alongside them, what can you send? Arms? Mujahideen?
>But of course you don't believe in that kind of Jehad. Mirza said: From our side
>we raise the flag of peace. Serbs are sending bullets and bombs and what will
>you send in return? Ahmadi literature!
>You people have done it before. In Palestine. In 1946. Jews were engaged in
>killing Muslim Arab Palestinians and Qadianis were engaged in proselytising
>Qadianis continued their proselytizing activities in those critical days. They
>traveled over all parts of Palestine in the name of observing the =91Tabligh
>Days.=92 In a report to Qadian, Ch.Sharif writes:
>"Owing to hartal (Strike) Tabligh Day was observed on 27 April our Ahmadi
>brethren formed small groups and went to the cities of Haifa, Nasara, Acca,
>Tabria, Baisan, Shafa Omer, Sadaf, Jafa, Bait-ul-Laham, Bait-ul-Maqdas, TelAviv
>and Tarsha to give the message of Ahmadiyyat. They distributed about five
>thousand pamphlets, handbills and booklets among the people. This time, by the
>grace of God, no untoward incident took place.. In the end of December, I
>(Ch.Sharif) and Sh. Noor Ahmad went to Jerusalem. I stayed there for 4 to 5 days
>and got Sheikh Sahib introduced with certain friends. I came back to perform
>certain important works. Sheikh Noor Ahmad stayed there for a week and
>introduced the important persons of Jerusalem and Khalil with Ahmadiyya message.
>That included Mohammad Ali Alajri, President Khalil Municipality, Sheikh
>Abdullah Tahoob, Mufti of Khalil and all the religious scholars of Masjid-I-Aqsa
>and Jerusalem. Mr. C.N.Sainek, a Professor of Jewish University, who claimed to
>have discovered an inscription regarding crucifixion of Jesus, was given
>Ahmadiyya message. Syed Abdul Razaq accepted Ahmadiyyat at the hands of Sheikh
>Noor Ahmad.
>I directed Noor Ahmad to go Acca(Acre) on a very important mission (Italics
>added). He was surrounded by some goondas (Qadiani call Palestine freedom
>fighters by this name-compiler). He, however, reached Haifa safely and God saved
>him from mischief-mongers of Acca." (AlFazl Qadian, 14 June, 1946)
>This Mr Chaudhary Muzafar is how Qadianis/Ahmadis have been helping the Muslims
>in need, be it Palestine or Bosnia or Albania. Oh Yes! In Bosnia, your  jamaat
>has done it, you better believe it, And of course Kashmir.
>> What do you think, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih don=B4t know about it, the peoples
>> spending from there heart, they spending in the way of Allah. and not like
>> these in Pakistan from pershure from Mullahs, I know it.
>Are their any figures, how much of this spending from the hearts of Ahmadis, is
>spending on sustaining the Qadiani Royal Family ?
>> You know Ahmadiyyat is the true Islam.
>If that is the case how come Allah named it Islam and not Ahmadiyyat.
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