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Quran says,"Those  whom people worship besides Allah are dead". Issa (AS) is
worshipped, therefore according to Quran he is dead.

>Several Ahmadi visitors have asked the Question:
>  Why can't you accept Mirza Ghulam, when he claimed to be the
>  Messiah and a prophet?
>In addition to showing the deceptive ways of Qadiani leadership,
>I have already posted a brief article stating some of my reasons.
>Brother Illias has also posted one of his reasons and has been 
>asking the same question for years!  Why do you think the Qadiani
>leadership has not replied to this reasonable question?
>Since several Qadianis have stated that they are willing to discuss
>any issue with Muslims, I wonder if they feel obligated to explain
>this particular issue, based on clear evidence.
>Here is brother Ali's article (looks like it was not propagated
>correctly by our listserver.  We also have it on our web site:
>   http://www.irshad.org/idara/qadiani/suttar/suttar.htm)
>According to Mirza Sahib:
>          a) Jesus(ph) died in 120 A.D.(see ref. 1)
>          b) Jesus was worshipped as God or Son of
>             God after Jesus died. Even SEED SOWING of
>             this association with God was done after
>             death of Jesus. (see ref. 2)
>          c) SEED SOWING of association was done by
>             St. Paul. (see ref. 3)
>                           "OBJECTION"
>                           -----------
>St. Paul died around '65' A.D. Therefore, Jesus(ph) was made son of
>God by St. Paul at least '55' years (120-65=55) before the death of
>Jesus(pbuh) (See ref. 4)
>                           LAST PROPHET
>                           ------------
>When Qadianis discuss with me, they love to discuss on Khatme Nabuwwat.
>I tell them frankly that  by discussing on Khatme Nabuwwat they want 
>to prove only  that Mirza is a true prophet.
>I tell them  quite openly that ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF DISCUSSION let 
>us believe that not one but 3000 more true prophets are to come. But 
>if 4000 prophets come 1000 will be false. Mirza is among the 3000 or
>There was no Khatme Nabuwwat issue in the time of Moses(ph) and
>Jesus(ph). When any one claimed to be the Nabi, the deciding factor
>was:  Is he truly right guided or not?  MIRZA IS NOT !!!
>See Quran Majeed Ayat 36/21 : Follow those who ask not of you any 
>hire and are (themselves rightly) guided.
>According to the above arguments Mirza Saheb is not rightly guided
>and therefore should not be followed in the light of Qura'n Majeed.
>                            REFERENCES:
>                            -----------
>1)  "Hence, I shall prove in this book that Jesus (Peace be upon him)
>did not die on the Cross neither did he go up to the Heavens nor it
>should ever be hoped that he will return to the earth from the Heavens;
>rather, he died at the age of 120 years in Srinagar in Kashmir, and his
>grave is in the Khanyar Region of Srinagar."
>(Maseeh Hindustan Mein, (Jesus in India) Roohani Khazain vol.15 p.14)
>2)  "The Holy Quran clearly says that the Masih was lifted to the
>heavens after his death.  Therefore his descent is symbolic and not
>real.  And in the verse 'Falamma Tawaffeteni' it has been clearly
>manifested that death of Hazrat Isa (pbuh) has already taken place.
>Because the meaning of the verse is that the Christians will go astray
>after the death of Hazrat Isa (pbuh) and not during his lifetime.  So if
>we assume that Hazrat Isa (pbuh) is not yet dead, then we will have to
>agree that the Christians are not yet digressed, and this is absolutely
>false.  Rather the verse is saying that the Christians remained faithful
>only until the life-time of Hazrat Isa (pbuh).  From this it becomes
>known that corruption had already begun during the time of Disciples.
>If the period of the Disciples had been such that the Christians had
>still been on right path, then in this verse Allah would not have linked
>it with the life-time of Hazrat Isa (pbuh) only, but would have included
>the life time of the disciples as well.  Thus at this juncture a very
>good point of the period of corruption in Christianity is illustrated
>and which is that IN TRUTH, during the time of the Disciples themselves,
>the SEEDS OF SHIRK (associating partner with God) were sown in
>(Anjam-e-Atham, Roohani Khazain vol. 11 p.321)
>3)  "All the bad things were introduced in this religion (Christianity)
>by Paul.  Hazrat Isa was such an unselfish person that He did not even
>want anyone to call him a pious man but Paul made him God."
>(Chasma-e-Maseehi, Roohani Khazain vol. 20 p.375)
>"And in the very first instance, he (Paul) implanted the bad seedling
>of Trinity in Damascus.  And this Pauline Trinity started from
>Damascus.  It is towards this that Hadith Shareef has hinted that the
>future Maseeh will descend on the eastern side of Damascus."
>(Chasma-e-Maseehi, Roohani Khazain vol. 20 p.377)
>4)  In this book, Chasma-e-Maseehi, Mirza Sahib has clearly stated that
>St. Paul was responsible for the doctrine of Holy Trinity and thus
>turning Hazrat Isa into God.  It is a well known fact that St. Paul died
>in 64 AD or 67 AD. The book 'The 100' gives the year of his death as 64
>AD.  Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics says:
>"That he suffered martyrdom at Rome there can be no doubt the date will
>lie between A.D. 64 and 67, most probably nearer the former than the
>later limit."
>(Encyclopaedia vol. 9 p.694)

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