[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Concensus of Scholars
By Rashid @emirates.net.ae

Mr Hanz
May peace be on all

> The prominence and the importance of the prophethood of Hazrath
> Muhammed (SAS) is not under-rated by anybody.  Any sane person,
> who has faith in the Holy Quran would vouch for the same.  
> However, I dont understand what is wrong in another prophet
> coming in Islam, especially when it it with bearing to the Holy
> Quran and saying of the Holy Prophet himself.

There are two problems.
  1. The Finality in every sense of the word is the pivot around 
     which this Ummah revolves. Finality in Prophethood, finality
	 in the Message. You shake this foundation and you are trying
	 the whole edifice of Islam. This structure has been erected
	 by Rasoolullah SAAW, based upon Quran and Hadith. Opponents
	 of Islam have tried to shake the foundations of Islam through
	 various means and introducing false prophets on various pretext
	 is well known. Rasoolullah SAAW has not told his Ummah about 
	 the coming of any prophet, but has warned of those grand liars
	 all of whom would claim to be prophet of Allah.

  2. Secondly, if one takes an honest look at the life and character
     of Mirza Ghulam, the founder of Ahmadiyya Movement, it does not
	 even conform to the code of decent conduct, let alone match 
	 the station of prophethood.

> The Holy Prophet himself having stated that a period would come
> in Islam when faith would have been discarded by its followers,
> and the same would be re-established in it by Imam Mahdi, how 
> come you people are of the opinion that noone should come??

Who says that Muslims do not believe in the coming of Imam Mahdi.
And Mirza Ghulam, by his own admission is not the Imam Mahdi which
has been foretold by Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW as I have given 
the quotation earlier.

> Just trying to prove that the Holy Prophet was the last prophet
> would not solve the plight of the present day muslims.  The 
> Holy Prophet himself having stated that these people would one
> day resemble the jews (who rejected prophets who came unto them)
> are you guys not just following them word for word, step for step????

Even so, it does not make Mirza Ghulam any more truthful in hs claims.

> Hanz.

[Verily in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find Peace.(alQuran)]

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