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By Farhan Qureshi @yahoo.com

The verses you gave me refer to vissions Hadhrat Ezekiel (as) had;
Also see Al Qur'an 12:4 (without Bis millah as a Ayah) For Hadhrat
Ezekiel to die and come back to life was not his prayer in the first
place if you read around the Ayah. 

Along with the Prophet Abraham (as) Ayah, it is also a vision of
Hadhrat Abraham (as) of connecting four birds. While life after death
signifies the paradise which lies ahead of us as stated in the Qur'an
sever al times.  

(commentry of Qur'an by Malik Ghulam Farid) 


---Rashid < rasye-@emirates.net.ae > wrote:
> Farhan Qureshi wrote:
> > Why could
> > not the Holy Prophet (SAW)? Obviously he is far greator and Al
> > Khatuman Nabiyyan (SAW). Why would Allah (SWT) not send him unstead???
> President visit once, but the ministers or other junior Government officials
> are sent repeatedly.Does that reduces the importance or greatness of the
> President?
> > Please give me
> > a verse where it states that Life on Earth can be given after
> > death???? And none of you explanations please.
> Surah Baqarrah. verse 260
> Behold! Abraham said: "My Lord! show me how thou givest life to the dead.
> He said: "Dost thou not then believe?"  He said: "Yea! but to satisfy my own
> understanding."  He said: "Take four birds; tame them to turn to thee; put a
> portion of them on every hill and call to them; they will come to thee
> (flying) with speed.  Then know that Allah is Exalted in Power Wise."
> Surah Baqarah: verse 259
> Yusuf Ali
> Or (take) the similitude of one who passed by a hamlet all in ruins to its
> roofs.  He said: "Oh! how shall Allah bring it (ever) to life after (this)
> its death?"  But Allah caused him to die for a hundred years then raised him
> up (again).  He said: "How long didst thou tarry (thus)?"  He said:
> "(perhaps) a day or part of a day."  He said: "Nay thou hast tarried thus a
> hundred years; but look at thy food and thy drink; they show no signs of
> age; and look at thy donkey: and that We may make of thee a Sign unto the
> people look further at the bones how We bring them together and clothe them
> with flesh!  When this was shown clearly to him he said: "I know that Allah
> hath power over all things."
> Pickthall
> Or (bethink thee of) the like of him who, passing by a township which had
> fallen into utter ruin, exclaimed: How shall Allah give this township life
> after its death? And Allah made him die a hundred years, then brought him
> back to life. He said: How long hast thou tarried? (The man) said: I have
> tarried a day or part of a day. (He) said: Nay, but thou hast tarried for a
> hundred years. Just look at thy food and drink which have rotted!  Look at
> thine ass! And, that We may make thee a token unto mankind, look at the
> bones, how We adjust them and then cover them with flesh! And when (the
> matter) became clear unto him, he said: I know now that Allah is Able to do
> all things.
> And no explanations needed indeed.
> > Shukraan.
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