[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Guidance of the Messenger of Allah
By Ali Hajjaj @hotmail.com

Assalam Alaikom to those who follow Guidance.

Brother Irshad,

I doubt you'll ever get Qadiani missionaries to disclose their source.
If they do so, what would they be expected to do once Muslims show 
how deceitful and underhanded their leaders have been?  much like
Christian missionaries, they're only trying to confuse the issue and 
argue, without showing any respect for the truth or others.

As for Farhan, if we can accept his excuse and claim to be only
14 years old, we're only left with the idea that he's not just any
14 year old out there.  He's acting and carrying himself like a long
time missionary who doesn't want to be caught lying and, in no
case wants his supervisors to be implicated.  What other reason
is there for him and other Qadianis  to refuse to provide the name
of their sources?  have you noiced, how everytime his false 
arguments are rejected, he says "I am only 14"...  Real nice cover!

from a quick look at his deception filled site, I've discovered who he
might be or who his idol and source of information, is.  two quotes from 
his site which he has asked us to read:

"My Grandfaother Malauna Maqbool Ahmad Qureshi, former
 Missanary of Senegal, Ivery Coast, United States, Pakistan,
 and London, helped me prepare this Web Page, By the Grace
 of Allah, the Website is going pretty good!!... Muslim Television 
 Ahmadiyya which is watched by several Ahmadis/Non Ahmadis
 around the world 24 hours a day, was just recently fixed at my 
 house, and has been a great tool for my religios activities... My
 Life so far has gone pretty Good, and Inshallah, it will progress
 throughout the years... Farhan Ahmad Qureshi"

"... Being a great international Missionary, he (his grandpa) was
 the  first to open the the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in the African 
 country Ivery Coast, where today Ivery Coast has become a 
 country in which has proudly accepted Ahmadiyyat, the true
 revival of Islam. Maulana Moaqbool Saheb also stayed as a
 Missionary in Senegal, Pakistan, England, and Missionary 
 incharge in the United States... Presently he is retired, and is
 living in the United States, attending Bait-ur-Rahman Mosque,
 the national headquaters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jammah, in 
 United States..."

Just a few comments:

Sources of his information: Ahmadiyya TV and His grandfather,
 who, no doubt, used the same arguments as "Farhan" to trick 
 perhaps thousands into Qadianism. May Allah give him what he

His Affiliation: Qadianism; his grandfather is retired from the mission,
 "Farhan" is a leader of "youth" in the center, and  his family helps 
 to run the place.

His Life: "has gone pretty Good".  why would he care for the truth?
 The truth and Islam would only destroy this world of his.  He would
 no longer be descendant of such a "great missionary", leader of 
 youth, or have a "good life"; he would be just another Muslim.

I know he will just try to avoid your question again, because he is 
proud and pride is a deadly sin.


Original Massage:

Dear Farhan, 
I know that you are eagerly awaiting for our reply to your article 
entitled, "The so Called Finality of Prophethood."  We at Idara 
Dawat-o-Irshad, welcome inquiries, and even challenges, from those who 
sincerely seek Guidance.  However, you have failed to provide a 
reply to our follow up inquiry: 
   If you have obtained your quotes from the original books you 
   mentioned (this means you are fluent in Arabic, Urdu, and Persian), 
   then please state so and take credit for your work.  However, if 
   you have taken your quotes from the speeches and/or writings of 
   others, please provide proper reference (name of books and authors). 
Given that you have been spending long hours on this forum posting 
lengthy articles and rewriting the same old arguments, I would expect 
that you have enough time to provide us with a couple of names and/or 
references.  I am sure that, by now, everyone is wondering at your 
hesitation!  Do you know something you do not want the rest of us to 
find out?  Are you trying to protect anyone or anything? 
Thank you for providing the requested references in an expeditious 

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