[qadianism] Re: Fwd: negative evidence showing there can b
By Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz @okay.net

Umaraadi-@excite.com  schrieb:

> There is no command from Allah telling us to await a non-message bearing
> prophet; no hadith of Rasulullah (S.A.W.) ordering us to await such a
> person; mirza does not meet the qualifications for either of the two persons
> who we do know will come - the Mahdi and Isa (A.S.).

Then wish you all the best to see Hazrat Isa(AS) before Qiyamat, 
and when you see him, tell me also, I am so excited to see a 
person, who is awaiting from so many peoples is the World, so
donīt forget me Brother.

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