[qadianism] Re: Liar Syed Rachid
By aa3 @axe.humboldt.edu

Mr. Zaid: You are asking for the moon. If Rashid becomes honest then what
about his business. He earns his keep. Leave him to God.

> [With the Independence of Pakistan, Ahmadiyya Movement regained new life
>> > under the patronage of Sir Zafarullah Khan, the 1st Foreign Minister of
>> > this newly founded country. Taking advantage of the chaotic situations,
>> he
>> > filled the Civil, Foreign, Judicial and Military Services with Qadiani
>> > followers. Every Pakistan Foreign Post in various parts of the world
>> > effectively served as a Qadiani base and at the expense of Government
>> > Pakistan, missionary centres were established in different countries.
>> Rapid
>> > promotions were given to those who converted to Qadianism or were
>> > sympathisers.  Syed Rachid]
>Mr Syed Rachid,
>You not only plagiarise but you are a full fledged LIAR. Sir Z. Khan as
>Minister of Foreign Affairs had nothing to do with nominations in the Civil
>Service. It was only the Public Service Commission which had the ability
>to appoint the members of the diplomatic services and other key positions
>in the Civil Service. As Minister Sir Z. Khan had the absolute authority to
>make only  TWO (2) nominations...that of his Private Secretary and his
>Personal Secretary...and during his whole career as Minister these 2
>persons were non Ahmadis. For God sake has some dignity, be honest and stop

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