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By Irshad @irshad.org

> Mr. McKlosky: Could you tell me the tests you applied to
> determine whether Mirza Sahib was or not a true prophet of
> God.

A Muslim, by definition, is someone who submits to the decrees of
Allah(SWT) and His Messenger(SAW).  It was the Jews who argued 
about the ayat of Allah(SWT) and Christians who relied on creative
interpretations to support what they had invented for themselves.
There is no changing in the Way of Allah(SWT) and those who chose
to follow the example of the nations before us will only manage to
separate themselves from the ummah and lead themselves astray.

As for the believers, we are expected to Submit:

   "The answer of the Believers, when summoned to Allah and His 
    Messenger, in order that He may judge between them, is no 
	other than this: they say, "We hear and we obey": it is such
	as these that will attain felicity." 
	(Holy Quran, Al-Noor, 24.51)
Are Ahmadis ready to allow the Messenger of Allah(SAW) and clear
evidence be the judge between us?  Those who wisely chose that 
path are urged to ponder about the articles we have presented in
support of the fundamental doctrine of the Finality of Prophethood.

Please realize that the unfortunate individuals who argue about 
this well established tenet of Islam, based on personal conjecture,
false ahadeeth, or misrepresentation of Muslim scholars, are in 
effect rejecting what Allah(SWT) and His Messenger(SAW) have 
decreed and are claiming to either be themselves gods or be 
worshippers of other gods (their leaders) besides Allah(SWT).

> For your information Quran mentions some tests. 
> (1) A prophet appears when there is sin all over.

I wish those who claim to represent the decrees of Allah(SWT) and
His Messenger(SAW) would exercise caution and provide evidence for
what they are stating. I hope they realize that when they misquote
or selectively quote part of the Book to give the appearance of 
support for their argument, they are committing a great sin. While
they are pretending to be scholars, they are committing an evil
act by misrepresenting what Allah(SWT) has said and by trying to
divert the uninformed from the ummah.  This is better for their
own soul, only if they knew.

Regardless, if we were to accept this criteria, then we have to 
wonder: is there not more evil in the world now than was there 150
years ago?  Should we, then, all run and give our pledge to the 
"Mary and Eisa" who were recently advertised on this forum or any
other impostor who may appear from time to time?  I hope all of us
know better than that.

> (2). The person appointed a prophet has never told a lie 
> before he declared himself to be God's appointee. 

I believe brother Rashid has asked several questions on this very
subject, which neither you or other Ahmadis have yet to reply to.

Once more, if we accept this criteria, are you telling us that 
Mirza Ghulam, according to his own family members, did not lie or
steal before his claim to prophethood?  Did he lie, steal, or 
break his promises after his claim to being in communication with
Allah(SWT)?  Allow me to help you in discovery of the Truth:

   "My mother told me that his holiness, the Promised Messiah,
    one day, during his youth, went to collect the pension of 
    his grandfather (700 rupees - Seerat-ul-Mahdi, Vol. 1,
    P. 131). Following him was a person by the name of 
    Imamuddin. When he received the pension, Imamuddin mislead
    him and took him outside Qadian. They roamed about from 
    place to place. When his holiness had squandered all he had,
    Imamuddin deserted him leaving him alone and left for some 
    other place. However, his holiness, the Promised Messiah, 
    did not return home for shame and for fear of infamy. And 
    since his grandfather's desire was that he be employed 
    somewhere, he went to Sialkot and got himself employed for
    a miserably low salary (ten rupees a month)."
     (Seerat-ul-Mahdi, Vol. 1, P. 43; by Mirza Bashir Ahmad) 

> (3) His mission always succeeds even when the whole world
> opposes him. These tests are derived from Quran where God,
> almighty tells Muhammad (SAS) to put up these as the proof
> of his prophethood. Could you please tell me the tests you
> applied.

Once more, this is an incorrect understanding. We need to simply
think about Noah(AS) and Lut(AS): How many did accept their call?
Furthermore, are you suggesting that Mirza Ghulam was a success
in what he himself had established as his mission?  Kindly read
the following passage and tell us if you think he was a success,
by his own standards:

  "Those persons who come from Allah's side... they do achieve
   essential intent of their 'sending down and do not die till
   the purpose of their commission is not manifested. 

   My mission for which I am standing in this field is this very
   one that I topple the pillar of worship of Isa, spread 
   monotheistic doctrine in place of Trinity, and display 
   dignity and glory of the holy Prophet(SAW) before the world. 

   Therefore, I am a liar if I fail in the manifestation of this 
   essential intent, notwithstanding millions of tokens coming 
   forth from me. 

   Why is the world, therefore, enmical to me? And why does it 
   not see my end?  If I manage to succeed in doing in support 
   of Islam that work which the promised Masih or the promised 
   Mahdi should have done, then I am truthful. And if nothing 
   happens BY THE TIME I AM DEAD then let everybody be witness 
   that I am a liar." (Badr, Vol. 2, P. 4, July 19, 1906, as
                       reported in Qadiyaniat)
You see how Mirza Ghulam established his mission to be "toppling
the pillar of worship of Isa, spread monotheistic doctrine in 
place of Trinity, and display dignity and glory of the holy 
Prophet(SAW) before the world"?  Do you see how he states that
he should be able to do the "work which the promised Masih or 
the promised Mahdi should have done" (remember the ahadeeth we
recently looked at?), before his death?

Now, I know how easy it is to argue any try to somehow justify
things in one's own eyes; after all, Christians have been doing
it for centuries.  However, I hope that those, who fear Allah(SWT)
and have nothing personal to gain by their insistence upon an
invented concept, will be dishonest with their our own souls.

How can we accept anyone's claims that Mirza Ghulam did not fail
even by his own standards, when during his own life Christianity
grew in India and his own province of Punjab?  How can we accept
any other explanation, when we see 150 years later, Christianity
is still growing at a great rate? Even if we ignore Mirza Ghulam's
statement that his proofs should be manifested before his death,
how long do you think one need wait?  Are you willing to sacrifice
your soul and the soul of your loved ones over what amounts to no
more than ignoring the Word of Allah(SWT) and His Messenger(SAW),
relying on false hadeeth, misrepresenting the teachings of Muslim
scholars, cursing one's opponents, and hiding behind exaggerated
claims of worldly accomplishment?

If these are the criteria used by Ahmadis to ascertain the 
truthfulness of every claimant to prophethood, then what reason
would Ahmadis have to reject Baha'ullah, Rashid Khalifa, and other
similar claimants!!  Obviously, my dear brothers and sisters in 
humanity, this is a very confusing and dangerous state to be in:
one that can not possibly have divine origins.  I hope you will
reflect upon the Truths you have been presented on this forum and
receive the invitation to Islam:

  "Has not the Time arrived for the Believers that their hearts 
   in all humility should engage in the remembrance of Allah and
   of the Truth which has been revealed (to them)?..."
   (The Holy Quran, Al-Hadid, 57.16)

We have no personal gain or loss from your decision.  But, be
forewarned of those who are motivated by ulterior motives and
want everyone to exclusively support the Organization they are
running and managing.

Ultimate Success is with Allah(SWT) and may Peace and Blessings
of Allah be upon His Last Prophet, Muhammad(SAW), his family,
companions and sincere followers till the Day of Judgment.

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