[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Concensus of Scholars
By Irshad @irshad.org

> Abdul Aziz @axe.humboldt.edu:
> In Sura Al'Araaf ayat 35, Allah (SWA) orders the children
> of Adam to follow if a prophet comes to them. Now if non-Ahmadis
> interpretation of being the last in time is correct then 
> Allah (SWA) would have said,"O children of Adam if a prophet 
> comes to you then reject him outright".

Allow me to quote something recently posted on this forum.

   "...We should be honest when quoting from others' work..."
You should recognize this quote, since you yourself made this 
statement a few days ago.  Now, if one has to be "honest" when
quoting the writings of common people, should the same care not
be taken when one quotes the Words of Allah(SWT) or His 
Messenger(SAW)?  Obviously, we should all be even more careful.

For your information, the word used in this ayah - which you and 
Farhan have been repeatedly quoting - is "rasul" (Messenger) and
not "nabi" (prophet). Allah(SWT) has called misrepresentation of
His signs as one of the worst kinds of evil which can be committed.
Thus, for your own sake and that of others, who might blindly 
accept such statements coming from the Qadiani leadership, please
take special care in the future.  We should be careful not to make
the mistake committed by Jews and Christians of the past and claim
things about the book of Allah(SWT), which are not there.

I hope you are beginning to realize why, from the very beginning,
I was urging our Qadiani visitors to get their stance clarified,
from the actual writings of their founders and leaders. Although
this particular misrepresentation of the Book of Allah(SWT) has
been used by Qadiani leaders to misguide the uninformed for almost
a century, it obviously even contradicts their own stated claim 
that only non-lawbearing prophets will continue.  I, for one, do 
not see any reasonable and honest purpose for their having taught
their followers an argument often used by Bahais to claim
continuity of law-bearing prophethood!

Other brothers have already done an admirable job explaining this
ayah.  I would suggets that those interested begin reading the 
passage in question from the beginning of the surah to see how it
was a warning given to hadhrat Adam(AS) and his children just 
before they were being sent to earth.  For further reading, you
might refer to the holy Quran, 2.38-39, 20.123-124 and ahadeeth
dealing with this topic.

> Last, please don't say there is a consus among Muslim scholars
> that Muhammad (SAS) is the last in time prophet. In my response
> to your previous listing I gave you the names of three who have
> been learned and recognized scholars of Islam. The only 
> consensus among Muslim scholars is that Muhammad (SAS) is the
> last law bearing prophet and no prophet who will abrogate his
> Sharia will appear. 

There has absolutely been a consensus among Muslim Scholars.  We
have already seen examples of how Qadiani leaders and missionaries
have been deceitfully misquoting the writings of Muslim Scholars
to misguide unwary poor souls.  We shall, enshaAllah, see more 
proof in the near future.  Please be patient.

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