[qadianism] Re: Re:Great news for ahmadis
By Irshad @irshad.org

On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Mahmud Ahmad .  wrote:

> Dear brother ,
> Could you see the truth .....

The point to consider is that, since Qadiani on this forum have
claimed to believe in the continuity of Prophethood, what steps will
each Qadiani take to ascertain the truthfulness or falsehood of this
latest claimant?  Would a denial by your leaders suffice?  If so, 
why would you object to the rejection of Mirza Ghulam by the Muslim

Thank you.

> Please read in Qur'an this verse   21: 7;  22:75;  3:179
> are those verse are fullfil by her ????
> The Important thing , she is not from us ....
> Wassalam
> Mahmud Ahmad

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