[qadianism] Re: A Serious New Development of Contradiction!
By Irshad @irshad.org

On Mon, 15 Feb 1999, Abdul Aziz wrote:

> Dr. Rashid: You are burning with hatred. Your research of Mirza Sahib's
> writings is just like those of Christians and Jews against Prophet Muhammad
> (SAS). They have found so many faults by putting each of his actions and
> words under the microscope of hatred that they are willing to ignore clear
> signs in their own books. I suggest that first you try to solve the problem
> of 'khatam an nabiyyeen', the death of Jesus, etc. Only then you should look
> into Mirza Sahib's writings. At present you have a set mind. It is biased
> and all looks fraud to you. An unbised research requires an unbised mind. 

I sugget that everyone try to adhere to the topic at hand and present
some evidence in support of their arguments: seeking refuge in ugly and
unproven accusations is an unbecoming and unIslamic method of discorse.
Exchanges free from evidence are completely unproductive and will lead
to nothing but blind hatred and sectarianism, which benefit only those
who seek to misguide the uninformed.  I hope everyone's first goal is
to seek the Truth.

In response to your EMail, Muslims have no difficulty with the Finality
of Prophethood or return of Eisa(AS).  Actually, it is Qadianism which
is facing a great dilemma.  Firstly, its teachings ignores the evidence
which supports the universal Muslim view; secondly, it promotes the 
arguments of its founders and leaders, which as we have seen (and will
enshaAllah continue to prove) are based on falsehood; and finally it is
proposing ideas based on their leaders' creative thinking and conjecture,
not on Divine decree.  This is the great mistake made by Christians and
Jews, may Allah(SWT) save seekers of the Truth from falling into this 
trap of Shaitan.

I think what br. Rashid and others have done has some validity.  In
effect, they are saying, let us not argue endlessly about what your
leaders have imagined; let us also consider what Mirza Ghulam and 
his associated have accomplished and written to see whether they 
deserve to be placed on the high pedestal you would like to place

I would hope that, just like Muslims have repeatedly exposed the 
baseless accusations some misguided Christian missionary have raised
against Prophet Muhammad(SAW), Qadiani leaders should also be eager
to present clear evidence refuting any misunderstanding, or Allah(SWT)
forbid, intentful deception on the part of Muslims.

Since you have invited everyone to look into Mirza Ghulam's writings
for the truth, I do not believe your objection to those who have done
the same is well warranted.  You are invited to visit our site:
http://www.irshad.org/idara/ and see that we have indeed looked into
the original books of Mirza Ghulam and his close associates and
have provided evidence backing up our stance.

Incidentally, why has the Mission refused to translate the complete
writings of Mirza Ghulam into an international language for the benefit
of everyone?  Since the leaders of Qadianism repeatedly boast that Mirza
Ghulam's writings should be seen as the sources of guidance and, without
them people are lost, would you not expect these writings to be widely 

No doubt, you know that their practice of trying to keeping their "holy
books" under lock and key is the same method used by Christian and Jewish
scholars for centuries.  Until just a few centuries ago, it was considered
blasphemy to translate the Bible into any language besides Latin to make
it accessible to the general public!

It is unfortunate that the leaders of the Qadiani Organization appear
to have not learnt from the destructive way of prior nations, not taken
heed of the warnings of Allah(SWT), and have decided to follow the
example of Jewish and Christian leaders.  At the great end, even though
they might manage to find a following among some unfortunate and
uninformed individuals, they will be brought before Allah(SWT) and 
will learn the Truth about what they had done.

All praise is due to Allah(SWT) and true salvation comes from following
the Book of Allah(SWT) and the Way of His last Prophet, Muhammad(SAW).

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