[qadianism] Re: A few Administrative Words
By Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz @okay.net

> In the last month alone, we have had 79 regular E-Mail subscribers
> (12 Muslim, 67 Ahmadi/Qadiani) and have received 813 visits from
> non-subscribers.  There is hope that this forum provides a medium
> where every sincere seekers of the Truth will be able to discuss the
> issue of The Finality of Prophethood and Islam versus Qadianism,
> based on actual evidence.

That mean 67 Ahmadie Muslims Brother.

> I advise them to remember that their every act,
> word, and claim is being recorded and will be held against them
> on the Day of Judgment.

Oh I canīt wait to see you guys on Judgment day InshAllah. And record
everything itīs better for you all.

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