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The proof of Hazrat Issa's death is based on a Quranic verse that says," All
those whom they worship besides Allah are dead". Quran was revealed to
Prophet Muhammad (SAS). Therefore this verse must be interpretted
accordingly. As regards times before the holy Prophet, people did worship
their kings. Remeber Nimrod. He told Ibrahim (AS). I am the God. I can do
what your God can do.

> Mr. Abdullah Muslim on 17 Dec. 1998 under the title of  "Was Mirza
>Ghulam Qadiani Receiving Wahi?" had tried to show a supposed contradiction
>in the writings of the Promised Messiah (A.S). His analysis was something
>to the effect that Hazrat Mirza claimed that Isa (a.s.) lived an age of
>about 120 years and that the teachings of Isa a.s. were corrupted after
>his (ie. Isa a.s.) death. Furthermore, since Hazrat Mirza Sahib explained
>that St. Paul had introduced new/contradictory principles into the teachings
>of Isa a.s. and Paul had died quite a number of years before Isa a.s. died,
>then this would mean that the teachings of Isa (a.s.)  were corrupted
>"before" his death and, thus, Hazrat Mirza made an apparent contradiction
>in his reasoning.
><P>I would like to say that this is a very simplistic conclusion by the
>author of this argument. There is no contradiction here and one could only
>try to find the same if he was biased and had the intent of disproving
>Hazrat Mirza's (A.S) writings. It is common knowledge that the modern-day
>Christian doctrines,&nbsp; that were instituted by St. Paul, were not accepted
>as "Christian" principles until about 2-3 hundred A.D.&nbsp; At the time,
>when St. Paul had started these false teachings, the vast majority of followers
>of Isa a.s. were on the right path. They were, for lack of better words,&nbsp;
>"Jewish Christians" - they followed the teachings of the Torah (as Isa
>a.s. had taught them) and also accepted Isa a.s. as the awaited Promised
>Messiah. The teachings of Paul did not gain acceptance of the majority
>even till 2-3 hundred years later. The only ones who had accepted Paul's
>teachings during his life-time were those who were impressed by the leniency
>of the doctrines - for example: can eat non-kosher food, and don't have
>to be circumcised. All of these facts are dealt with in books investigating
>the early stages of Christianity.
><BR>&nbsp;I would recommend any interested reader to get a hold of: "The
>Early History of Christianity" by Tyson.
><BR>&nbsp;Hence, these false doctrines attributed to Isa a.s. were not
>common during Isa a.s. lifetime (yes, his whole 120 year life-time). Thus,
>there is no contradiction whatsoever. Or are we to suppose that&nbsp; because
>a mere few people had accepted these innovated ideas, the entire followers
>of Isa a.s. became corrupt? It took a great many number of years (hundreds
>in fact) for these false doctrines to gain acceptance - far after the time
>of the death of Isa a.s.&nbsp; Additionally, it should be kept in mind
>that the author of this
><BR>question in trying to discredit the writings, and thus the validity
>and reliability, of the Promised Messiah, is also questioning the validity
>of the Holy Quran as well as the sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(SAW).
>The Holy Quran itself states that Isa a.s. will declare that his followers
>had gone astray after his death (5:117), and the age at which Hazrat Isa
>died (120 years) is from no other than the blessed mouth of the Holy Prophet
>Muhammad (SAW) in a well-known hadith report. Therefore, if the author
>still thinks that there is a contradiction here, his quarrel is with the
>facts put forth from the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
>, and not only the writings from the Promised Messiah - Hazrat Miza Ghulam
><P>I would like to add further that in the quotation of Mirza Sahib (A.S)
>that is reported by Mr. Muslim, it is clearly written that at the time
>of disciples of Jesus (A.S) " Seeds of SHIRK&nbsp;&nbsp; (associating partner
>with God) were sown in&nbsp; Christianity.".&nbsp; Therefore, the conclusion
>drawn by Mr. Muslim that&nbsp; " Thus, Jesus (pbuh) was alive in Kashmir
>(according to&nbsp; Mirza) and being worshipped as divinity in Palestine,&nbsp;
>Rome, or other places" is totally baseless and wrong.
><P>May Almighty Allah Guide us all to the Truth.
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