[qadianism] Liar Syed Rachid
By Zaid, Zeenat, Joshua & Irfaan @intnet.mu

Mr Rachid,
A Palestinian Mufti has called Sir Z.Khan a Kafir and a man without
religion (same as you). This has greatly perturbed General Abdur Rahman
Pasha, Secretary of the Arab League, whose declaration is given below:
The Mufti has called Zafrulla Khan a Kafir and a man without religion. Let
us all collectively invoke blessing of peace on Chaudry Muhammad Zafrulla
Khan. We do not have the words to praise him and we need many great Kafirs
like him( Article entitled: O Kafir! may the Almighty God increase the
status of praise of thy name. Published in the Egyptian newspaper Al Misri
26 June 1952) 
I have been deeply hurt by this declaration because the entire world of
Islam is indebted to the distinguished services of Chaudry Muhammad
Zafrulla Khan to Islam and the Arabs in general, and to Egypt in
(Al Zaman dated 25 June 1952 publushed in Egypt).
There may be a few insane and jealous persons who do not accept Sir Z. Khan
contribution for his selfless services rendered by him to the Muslim
Community...I pity them.
[ Source of Information: Pakistan 50th Anniversary]

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