[qadianism] Without Ahmadis -no Pakistan
By Zaid, Zeenat, Joshua & Irfaan @intnet.mu

Dear Mr Rashid,
When Jinnah resigned from the Indian national Congress and retired from
politics Hazrat Mirza Mahmud Ahmad (the 2nd Khalifa) felt very strongly
that the Muslims of India needed a person of Jinnah's political sagacity,
iron nerve and calibre so in March 1933 the Ahmadiyya Missionary of the
London Mosque, Maulana Dard, met Mr Jinnah in his London Office and
convincec him to reenter Indian Politics. At a dinner on the lawns of the
London Mosque in April 1933 Jinnah addressed those present and stated " The
eloquent persuasion of the Imam left me no escape" . Several papers covered
this event(Sunday Times (London), Evening Standard (London), Statesman
(Calcutta) and a lot of others. Hence Jinnah returned to India and fought
for the creation of Pakistan. He was branded "Kafir" by Mullahs like you!!
pakistan without Ahmadi leaders is now in AGONY.

[Source of Information: vide the Publication of Pakistan 50th Anniversary]

PS Another article of the Services of Sir Z. Khan to Pakistan and other
Muslim countries will follow]

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