[qadianism] Re: I need some answers
By Irshad @irshad.org

On Mon, 8 Feb 1999, Abdul Aziz wrote:

> I think people when translating and interpretting Quran do not realize
> that it is from thr God almighty, the source of all wisdom. There is
> nothing unlogical in Quran.

Indeed, there is nothing illogical in the holy Quran, as long as we
realize that there is nothing outside the Might of its Author.

> But some body saying Christ (AS) spoke when he
> was in cradle, i.e., he was two days old. It is absurd. 

If Allah(SWT) has said so, it makes perfect sense.  By your argument,
some people (Jews) might also claim that Jesus(AS) could not have
been conceived without a father and a relationship.  Kindly tell
us how we should understand the miraculous birth of Jesus(AS)?
Where did Adam(AS) come from?  What is the source of the universe?

> If it was a
> miracle and naturally it was performed in the presence of Jews of the
> locality then being human they for sure would have accepted Issa (AS) as
> their prophet.

We do not know much about what happened to Jesus(AS) from birth to his
adulthood.  There is no guarantee that the same people would have been
alive during his prophethood nor that they did not accept his teachings.
However, we are told in the holy Quran, that the unbelievers commonly
dismiss miracles as "magic".

> How many of them accepted him. Less than a dozen. 

What is your reference for this?

> Till this
> days the Jews (Naoozbillah) call Issa(AS) an illegitimate child. Could
> some body tell me what was the objective of showing the miracle and did
> Gopd fail to achieve the objective?

Punishment for adultry was severe in Judaism; The objetive could have
been saving Mary(RA) from the punishment.

> Look at the miracle of Mirza Sahib,

I am unaware of these so called "miracles", please share with us!

Finally, I am left in a state of confusion about the purpose of 
your posting: it avoided the topic of this thread and began by 
suggesting that miracles mentioned in Quran should not be taken
as supernatural events.  Yet, you ended up alleging "miracle" of 
Mirza Ghulam!  I hope you see my confusion:  Muhammad, Eisa, 
Musa, Ibrahim, and Noah(AS) were not good enough to have real
miracles attributed to them in Quran, but Mirza Ghulam had 
miracles?!  Kindly clarify your position and the position of the
Qadiani Mission on miracles mentioned in the holy Quran.

Thank you.

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