[qadianism] Re: [Fwd: [Pakistan Forum] Digest 9036 - 9042]
By Irshad @irshad.org

On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Abdul Aziz wrote:

> Mr. Rashid: Trying to answer your question is a waste of time. Unless you
> open your spiritual eye there is no reason to repeat. If you like then just
> visit the ahmadiyya site. Answers in detail are there.Thanks.

Mr. Aziz, one should be fair in his every statement.  So far, we have
not seen you or any other Ahmadi reply to the questions posed by Dr.
Rashid.  Telling someone to visit a web site to find the answer to "all
his questions" is not very forthcoming and defeats the purpose of a 
discussion forum.  In effect, that is much like encouraging others to 
watch a propaganda show on TV, knowing full well that such shows 
provide an opportunity for dissemination of one sided and deceptive
arguments, without worry for immediate exposure by people of 

I visited the site you mentioned this morning.  There are currently only
four articles available and, they do not provide a reply to the questions
raised by Dr. Rashid.  If you are aware valid and reasonable answers 
have been provided, kindly present them on this forum, so we can all 
benefit from them.  I am certain you will find Dr. Rashid a very learned
and reasonable person, willing to lend an attentive ear to every logical

Thank you.

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