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By Farhan Qureshi @yahoo.com

Dear Akh Rashid Ali, 

I already replied to this is an other e-mail read it please;

Wassalamun 'ala mun ittab'a alhuda

Farhan Ahmed Qureshi

---Rashid < rasye-@emirates.net.ae > wrote:
> Mr Farhan
> Although the proof has been provided on this forum from the Quran about how
> Allah will bring back to life the dead, and has brought them back. Please
> refer to Surah Baqarah(2) verse 259 and 260 which will tell you how Allah
> has done that. But you and your friends keep insisting that Allah has not
> done it and will not do it.
> This sort of attitude reminds me of the story of a boy who came home one day
> and informed his father that he has made a bet with his friend. His friend
> was saying that bufallo is black and this boy was saying that it is white.
> Upon hearing this, father said to his son:
> Father: I am afraid son, you have lost the bet, because bufallo IS black.
> Son: Oh no, I will never loose the bet.  Father: How come?
> Son: I will never accept that bufallo is black. It is as simple as that.
> Wassalamun 'ala mun ittab'a alhuda
> Rashid
> Farhan Qureshi wrote:
> > You were unable to answer the question, although, It does prove
> > Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, to be Isa (as) because dead do not become
> > living again, Allah (SWT) has never done such a thing, nor will change:
> >
> > "Thou will never find a change, a deviation, in the practice of Allah"
> > (Al Quran 35:43)
> >
> > Of course Allah (SWT) does have the power to do all that wills, he
> > does not do unusual things!
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