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By Rashid @emirates.net.ae

Mr Zaid

Anyone who knows ABCD of politics will know how the political 
minds work.  Apparent act has no meanings unless the real 
motives are taken into consideration.

On the one hand you are trying to prove that if Qadianis had 
not persuaded Jinnah to re-enter the Indian Political scene,
Pakistan would not have been a reality, but on the other hands,
there are other statements of Mirza Mahmud, the 2nd Khalifa, 
which show his real intentions about Pakistan. You must present
the whole picture to the readers and not just one side.

Everyone who has some knowledge about the then Indian Politics,
knows the game that Qadiani Khalifa was playing. he was 
desperately trying to become a prominent figure in the Indian
Political scene. He wanted to give an impression that he was
with the Muslims. These were turbulent times. Muslims as well
as hindus were trying for an independent homeland. Mirza 
Mahmud was playing his own game. By sending Dard, to Jinnah,
he gave the impression that he is a well-wisher of the demands
of Muslims. You must keep in mind that at that poin in time 
(1933) I think there was no question of Pakistan.

And yet, when in 1936 when Nehru visited Lahore he was recieved
by the Qadianis. He was the President of Congress. A Lahori 
Ahmadi Newspaper reports:

 "This era is an era of revolution. Sun every day dawns 
 with news of a new revolution but despite that some revolutions
 are such that they amaze the whole world. Last month's Qadiani  
 reception for Pundit Jawaher Lal Nehru in Lahore was one such 
 amazing incident .... When Pundit Jawaher Lal Nehru, Congress
 President, came to Lahore on 29th May, there was a grand 
 reception given to him by the Qadiani Jama'at. AlFazl proudly
 published the details prominently under the heading of ' The 
 Grand Reception of the Pride of Nation, Pundit Jawaher Lal
 Nehru, in Lahore' ".
 (Akhbar Paigham-e-Sulh, Lahore, 23rd June 1936)

I am still digging the facts surrounding the reasons of Mr 
Dard's visit to Jinnah. However as far as the facts about 
Qadianis role in Pakistan's formation is concerned, there is
no doubt about their dubious role.

They sabotaged the distribution of land by the Red Cliff 
Boundary Commission by making an independent representation.
Zafarullah Khan, the so-called well-wisher of Pakistan and 
Arab couse, made arrangements for that independent memorandum
on behalf of the Ahmadiyya Community despite the fact that he
was officially representing the Muslim League at that time. 
In this memorandum, Qadianis declared that they are a seperate
sects from the Muslims and on that basis Qadian should be 
given a Vatican like status. They gave wrong statistics
regarding the population, employees, civil and army officers
in which many muslims were shown to be Qadianis. The list 
included the name of Air Marshal Noor Khan, who was Flight 
Lt. at that time, as a Qadiani officer on No.198.
(Partition of Punjab, vol 1 pp 428-469)

Because of this seperate representation, Boundary Commission 
got an excuse to declare Gurdaspur as an area of non-Muslim 
majority and gave it to India. Today we are facing the 
consequences of this mal-distribution and have had three wars
with India over Kashmir. Was it a delibrate act? Why did a man
of Zafarullah Khan's calibre not see the consequences of the 
separate representation? Whose interest was he serving in 
that Boundary Commission?

Justice Munir of the infamous Munir Report wrote an article 
in Pakistan Times, saying:

 "In case of Gurdaspur, I cannot refrain from mentioning 
 a most regretable incident. I could never understand that 
 why did Ahmadis made separate memorandum (to the Boundary 
 Commission). The only reason for the need to make such a 
 memorandum would have been that Ahmadis were not in 
 aggreement with the Muslim League stand and this in itself
 is highly regretable. Perhaps they were trying to strengthen
 the case of Muslim League but the statistics that they 
 presented about various areas of Shakargarh, contrarily 
 proved that the areas between River Behi and River Basanter
 is a non-muslim majority area. thus they provided the 
 proof.................. the stand taken by Ahmadis it has
 created a lot of problems for us in case of Gurdaspur."
 (Pakistan Times 24th June 1964)

Anyway all these intrigues, it was Allah's Will that Pakistan
came into being.  Although I can go on and on but will just 
give two more references here to prove my point about Role of
Ahmadis & Pakistan Movement. Justice Munir writes in his 

 "Some of their writings prove that they (qadianis) were 
 against the partition of Pakistan and used to say that even 
 if the country is divided they will try to re-unite it. It 
 reason was obviously this that the Center of Ahmadiyyat,
 Qadian's future was uncertain, about which Mirza Saheb had
 made several prophecies."
 (Munir Report p.209)

Mirza Mahmud said:
 "I have told earlier that God's Will wants to keep 
 Hindustan united, but because of the hatred of nations it 
 may be temporarily separated. This is a different thing that
 if we agree about the partition of Hindustan, it will not be
 with pleasure but with constraint and we will again try to 
 re-unite as soon as possible."
 (AlFazl Qadian, 14th May 1947)

Now as for your last point that Pakistan is in agony without
Ahmadis, please remember when one is afflicted with a tumour,
the surgery is very painful but the growth has to be removed.

I rest my case.


Zaid, Zeenat, Joshua & Irfaan wrote:

> Dear Mr Rashid,
> When Jinnah resigned from the Indian national Congress and retired from
> politics Hazrat Mirza Mahmud Ahmad (the 2nd Khalifa) felt very strongly
> that the Muslims of India needed a person of Jinnah's political sagacity,
> iron nerve and calibre so in March 1933 the Ahmadiyya Missionary of the
> London Mosque, Maulana Dard, met Mr Jinnah in his London Office and
> convincec him to reenter Indian Politics. At a dinner on the lawns of the
> London Mosque in April 1933 Jinnah addressed those present and stated " The
> eloquent persuasion of the Imam left me no escape" . Several papers covered
> this event(Sunday Times (London), Evening Standard (London), Statesman
> (Calcutta) and a lot of others. Hence Jinnah returned to India and fought
> for the creation of Pakistan. He was branded "Kafir" by Mullahs like you!!
> pakistan without Ahmadi leaders is now in AGONY.
> Zaid
> [Source of Information: vide the Publication of Pakistan 50th Anniversary]
> PS Another article of the Services of Sir Z. Khan to Pakistan and other
> Muslim countries will follow]

[Verily in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find Peace.(alQuran)]
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