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Mr Zaid

Do you know why the Mufti of Palestine called Zafruallah a
Kafir? Because of the way he betrayed the Palestinian
interests. During the negotiations for the partition of
Palestine and creation of Israel, a meeting took place at

In the UN, Sir Zafarullah opposed the partition scheme in
accordance with the stand taken by Pakistan on the Palestine
issue. It may be recalled that the Quaid had always supported
the Palestinian cause in numerous conferences, interviews, 
press releases and through the resolutions of the Muslim 
League at its annual sessions, Council and Working Committee
Meetings from 1937-48.
(The Quaid-I-Azam and the Muslim World Compiled and Edited
by Atique Zafar sheikh and Mohammad Riaz Malik, Karachi, 
1978, PP 125-150)

Pakistan's stand was absolutely clear. In reply to a
question by Reuter's correspondent Duncan Hooper (25 October
1947), the Quaid said:

 "The leader of our delegation to the UN, Sir Muhammad
 Zafarullah Khan, has clearly defined our position regarding
 the latest developments in Palestine."
 (The Quaid-I-Azam and the Muslim World Compiled and Edited
  by Atique Zafar sheikh and Mohammad Riaz Malik, Karachi, 
  1978, PP 125-150)

Strangely enough when discussions were going on the partition
scheme in the UN, Zafarulla started proposing amendments to 
it, which meant that he, in principle, agreed to the scheme 
if it was slightly amended. That was said to be done on the 
suggestion of Danish representative with a view to ‘crippling’
the scheme. Zafarullah says that he proposed an amendment just
to see the reaction on it but the amendment was immediately 
accepted after voting. Syed Jamal-ul-Hussaini, the leader of
the Palestine delegation hurriedly approached him and enquired
why he had done like that. Sir Zafarullah says that he 
explained the position and apprised him of the Danish strategy.
(Zafarullah,Tahdith-e-Naimat, P. 522 )

To his utter surprise, he asked him in case all of his 
amendments were accepted he would favour the partition scheme:

Zafarullah: No! We will be strongly opposing it. We want at
least to weaken the partition plan even if it is accepted. 
It will not be as bad as it is now.

Jamale : We (Palestinians) will be in great difficulty then.

Zafarullah: You may inform Arab representatives that they
may not vote in favour of an amendment and remain neutral.

Jamal: The difficulty still persists.

Zafarullah: What is that?

Jamal: If the Partition has not manifestly usurped our
right, our people will not be prepared to wage a war against
it. We will incur a heavy loss. We will be thankful if you 
do not propose any amendment!

Zafarullah: I got silent.

What was the real intention of Sir Zafarullah? Did he intend
to sabotage Palestine case by favouring an amended Partition
Plan instead of a unitary form of Government for a united 
Palestine? How far it projected Pakistan's stand on Palestine
issue? These questions need a suitable reply.

Sir Zafarullah, in his speech, deeply sympathised with the
Jews in the misfortune that they had suffered in Europe. But
the correct solution of their problem, he pleaded, was that 
they should be reabsorbed in the countries to which they 
belonged and if that were not possible, they should be offered
facilities for settling down in the larger, newer countries,
which had more space and greater resources than tiny Palestine.
(K.Sarwar, op.cit. P.170)

(From the book: Ahmadiyya Movement: British - Jewish Connection
by Bashir Ahmad available on line at

This is the reason for the Mufti of Palestine declaring 
Zafarullah Khan a Kafir.



Zaid, Zeenat, Joshua & Irfaan wrote:

> Mr Rachid,
> A Palestinian Mufti has called Sir Z.Khan a Kafir and a man without
> religion (same as you). This has greatly perturbed General Abdur Rahman
> Pasha, Secretary of the Arab League, whose declaration is given below:
> The Mufti has called Zafrulla Khan a Kafir and a man without religion. Let

 [ Source of Information: Pakistan 50th Anniversary]
> Zaid

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