[qadianism] Re: Without Ahmadis -no Pakistan
By Suheil Laher @alum.mit.edu

Mr Zaid,

I fail to see the relevance of this point to this discussion.  
First of all, I am not knowledgeable in Indo-Pak history, so 
at least for now, I will assume that your facts are correct.

Now, we know that Abu Talib was also instrumental in bettering
the Muslims' condition in Makkah.  Yet, the ahadith tell us that
the Prophet described him as among the People of the Fire (for
refusing to pronounce the shahdah before death).  If Mr Dard 
offered some sound advice, then Jinnah is not be blamed for
accepting it -- indeed, the Muslim should accept the truth 
wherever he finds it; nor should his acceptance of such advice 
be construed as approval of the advisor.  As for Mr Dard himself:
although he apparently lived as a Qadiani, Allah knows best 
whether he died as a Qadiani or a Muslim.  If he died as a
kafir, then we would expect he was rewarded in this world for
any good he did. If he repented, and died as a Muslim, then 
we would expect him to be rewarded in the Hereafter.

I would imagine it would be more fruitful for us concentrate 
on the key issues.

- Suheil

Zaid, Zeenat, Joshua & Irfaan wrote:

> Dear Mr Rashid,
> When Jinnah resigned from the Indian national Congress and retired from
> politics Hazrat Mirza Mahmud Ahmad (the 2nd Khalifa) felt very strongly
> that the Muslims of India needed a person of Jinnah's political sagacity,
> iron nerve and calibre so in March 1933 the Ahmadiyya Missionary of the
> London Mosque, Maulana Dard, met Mr Jinnah in his London Office and
> convincec him to reenter Indian Politics. At a dinner on the lawns of the
> London Mosque in April 1933 Jinnah addressed those present and stated " The
> eloquent persuasion of the Imam left me no escape" . Several papers covered
> this event(Sunday Times (London), Evening Standard (London), Statesman
> (Calcutta) and a lot of others. Hence Jinnah returned to India and fought
> for the creation of Pakistan. He was branded "Kafir" by Mullahs like you!!
> pakistan without Ahmadi leaders is now in AGONY.
> Zaid
> [Source of Information: vide the Publication of Pakistan 50th Anniversary]
> PS Another article of the Services of Sir Z. Khan to Pakistan and other
> Muslim countries will follow]

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