[qadianism] Re: I need some answers
By fazle khan @hotmail.com

Ferhan wrote :
> While you Mr. Ali await Jesus (as) to come from the sky for the rest
> of you life, let me remind you, the dead to not come back from life.
> It has never been the actions of Allah (SWT)! So why now? Especially
> since it is stated in the Qur'an:
> "Thou will never find a change, a deviation, in the practice of Allah"
> (Al Quran 35:43). 
> If you say Isa ibn Maryam (as) is still alive and is in the heavens:
> number 1: how does he survive? The angels bring him food and diner?
> Does he and his body float up there? Does it state in the Qur'an and
> Hadith that he is indeed alive still in the heavens? If you have no
> answer to these questions, and you reject the above  Quranic verse
> that Allah (SWT) does not bring dead back to life: what is your
> explanation? I understand If I get no reply..... just like I never
> recieved one about your Satanic claims and predictions about Hadhrat
> Khalifatul Masih the 4th. 


Your repeating the same statement again and again, despite the 
universal truth that "Allah is capable of doing any thing, 
he is all powerfull" indicates that you willingly stick to 
only one verse of Qura'n just in order to prove your claim and 
that of your leaders, and simply reject many other verses where
Allah tells about his capabilities.

This is really an unfortunate situation for someone claiming to
be a sincere muslim let alone mo'min.

May Allah guide entire mankind to the right path, in particular 
to those who have been misled or gone astray.

Fazle Huq Khan


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