[qadianism] Re: Refutation of Qadiani Quotes and Arguments - Gene
By Rashid @emirates.net.ae

Mr Aziz

If your Khalifa do not have time, why did he bother to give a
challenge of Mubahila in 1988 and then again he renewed it in
1998. I had accpeted the challenge in both occasions, but your
khalifa, Mirza Tahir do not have the courtesy to acknowledge
the acceptance. If just by acceptance, sitting at home, the 
mubahila take place, then I had done it, announced it over the
internet and nothing has happened to me. Does that not show 
that your khalifa has been defeated in this challenge of

I offered your khalifa, Mirza Tahir, that I will come to 
London, to his headquarter at 16 Gressenhall Road to 'Masjid'
AlFazl, where he leads the friday prayers, according to a date
and time which is convenient for him. And then two of us, in
front of live audience from the Qadiani Jama'at and four 
witnesses from either side will do mubahila and invoke the
curse of Allah upon the Liars.

Do you think it is such a big problem for Mirza Tahir, place 
of his choice, time of his convenience, date of his choice 
and do mubahila face to face.

Now that you want me to do it again, please arrange it Mirza 
Tahir. Whenever and whereever it would be convenient for him,
I would do the mubahila face to face.



Abdul Aziz wrote:

> Dr. Rashid: You don't want Mubahila unless our Khalifa sits with you in a
> certain place. Unfortunately those people who are ignorant of the totality
> of the work our khalifa does can't see that such an exercise is futile.
> Particularly when all of us know that Dr. Rashid has fabricated so many lies
> that only God can help him. If I were the Khalifa, for sure I would prefer
> to preach Islam than sitting with you. Still you have a choice. Just
> announce that you have accepted Mubahila and then wait for God's decision.
> >Mr Aziz
> >I for one, has been repeatedly denied audience with your holiness, Mirza Tahir
> >Ahmad, the khalifa. His press secretary Mr Rasheed Chaudhary told me that who
> >am i, what is my worth? If it is the President of Prime Minister of Pakistan
> >then perhaps 'Huzoor' might see me.
> >
> >Once a a couple of years ago, I traced Mirza Tahir Ahmad in a house in USA,
> >where he was visiting. With great difficulty I even managed to convince the
> >lady of the house that this is very important indeed that I should speak to
> >'huzoor'. She gave the phone to him, I asked him are you Mirza Tahir? he said:
> >Yes. I said: I am Dr. Rashid, and I have repeatedly sent you letters, phoned
> >your office to make an appointment but you have not responded. Why? He was
> >stunned, his silence was deafening :) and then he just hung up, without a
> >single word.
> >
> >Is this what you call 'not scared of debate or talking' ? Your Khalifa is
> >scared of facing the muslims? He feels secured when he is talking on the
> >camera or in the presence of his blind followers. It has happened repeated in
> >Karachi and in other places, that whenever he is faced with opponents, who
> >expose the truth about Mirza Ghulam, he beats a quick retreat.
> >
> >Wassalam
> >Rashid

[Verily in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find Peace.(alQuran)]
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