[qadianism] Re: Finality of Prophet hood, the true understanding.
By irshad @irshad.org

Qama-@ahmadiyya.com  wrote:
On Finality of Prophethood

     Evidence in the Quran
     Evidence in the Ahadith
     The use of Khatam in Arabic
     Opinions of Islamic scholars
Can any Ahmadi, perhaps the individual who posted this article,
tell us of the position of the author and editor of this booklet
within the Qadiani Mission? Since his Email originated from the
only operating official Qadiani site, does it mean that this 
article has the blessing of every Qadiani leader and scholar?

I like to ask the author about the source of his information?  
Where is he Getting the quotes he has been attributing to 
Muslim scholars and who has authenticated the hadeeth he has
been quoting?

Dear friends, there are thousands of books written by Muslim 
scholars. The books of hadeeth, both authentic and unauthentic,
are also very extensive.  Even if one were so careless to accept
the false arguments and misrepresentation of scholars as true, 
one still would have to admit it very unlikely that the author 
ran into these specific "proofs" (out of thousands) by pure 
chance.  Very likely, the author would not have been able to
understand the originals, in Arabic, Urdu, or Persian, and 
discover all such "evidence" during his life time.  He must
have had some help.

The question is: who was the original source who put him on to 
such "proof" and made the translation available to him?  I hope
at least the official Ahmadi representative will be able and 
willing to give the credit where it is due and take a minute 
to disclose the source of this information which has been used
by Qadiani missionaries to recruit uninformed Muslims into 
their Mission.

Thank you.


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