[qadianism] What I think is ....
By Muzaffar, Ahmad @Gateway.com

Thank you Mr. Irshad.
Your discussion forum has helped me to come closer to the truth.
Being an Ahmadi by birth I used to think about the validity of 
my religion. I even used to think about the Islam being a true
religion. (and I still do). After joining your forum I begin to
feel that Ahmadyat is not the whole truth. I also started asking
questions to Ahmadies but the answers were all over powered by 
the questions from the non-Ahmadi people. One day I found an
Ahmadi who was trying to send you the answers of different 
allegations made on Ahmadyat, but was not able to see his 
letter distributed. He sent his letter to me and ask me to try
forwarding it from my end. I did so. To my utmost surprise that
letter is yet to be published. That letter contained no 
obscenity or any material that is against your standards. I used
to think that you are running a fair forum in which any body can
defend him self, but now I am getting more sure about your 
bias-ness. I can not understand that being a person with a lot
of religious knowledge how can you work for such an unfair cause.
Please explain if there is any confusion.
May the truth be clear to all of us.
Muzaffar Ahmad

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