[qadianism] Re: What I think is ....
By Irshad @irshad.org

> Please explain if there is any confusion.
> May the truth be clear to all of us.
> Thanks
> Muzaffar Ahmad

Br. Muzaffar, the article you had forwarded to us was a duplicate
copy of one we had previously published.  It is our stated policy
not to allow duplicate postings.  Please check our archive of the 
postings for your friend's submission:

However, I like to also point out that, in addition to extremely
volgar and abusive postings, we will also block articles that 
claim to represent well-known personalities, claim to be submitted
by third parties (e.g. "my friend asked me to post this"), are 
copyrighted material, have no worthy content, or are purely
inflammatory or propaganda material.  Such articles do not belong
on our discussion forum, since they offer more with politics than 
religion and they offer no content worthy of discussion.  

Those who like to distribute hateful, inflammatory, or purely
propaganda literature to incite our members and lead to blind
sectarianism, will not find this to be a very permissive forum.
As we have stated, articles that simply cheer on others or invite
the members to visit some web sites are not welcomed.  Rejection
of such articles are in accordance to our stated policy:


Finally, we have had one, possibly two, individuals who have
tried to post propaganda material to our forum using various 
accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), while impersonating others.
Such indiviuals only cause a delay in the processing of valid
postings by those who sincerely desire to engage in the search
for Truth, based on evidence.

I hope this clarifies the matter.  However, I believe any objective
observer will have to admit that we have allowed every argument 
Qadianis have wanted to post on our forum.  Some might in fact 
claim that we have been too permissive and allowed Qadiani 
contributors to post their arguments, while refusing to answer
follow up questions or divulging their sources.  You will not find
any moderator, under any circumstance, to be so permissive to one
side of the discussion.

But, Alhamdolellah, we have already had two former Ahmadis who 
have embraced Islam, based on the Truths they have witnessed on
this forum.  I pray that others realize the Truth and become
part of the ummah, once again.  None of us can ever be certain when
the angels of death will pay him or her a visit.

Under a separate EMail, you had requested for another copy of Dr.
Balogun's articles.  You may find them at:


Allah(SWT) guides sincere seekers of the Truth to His Straight Path.

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