[qadianism] Re: A Serious New Development of Contradiction!
By Rashid @emirates.net.ae

Mr AAziz

Whether Holy Prophet Muhammad SAAW is or is not the Final
Prophet in any/every sense
of the word, whether Hazrat Eisa AS is alive or dead, it
does not make Mirza Ghulam
truthful in any of his claims, except ONE.

Guess which one?

And to study that one, you have to read the writings of
Mirza. :)


Abdul Aziz wrote:

> Dr. Rashid: You are burning with hatred. Your research of Mirza Sahib's
> writings is just like those of Christians and Jews against Prophet Muhammad
> (SAS). They have found so many faults by putting each of his actions and
> words under the microscope of hatred that they are willing to ignore clear
> signs in their own books. I suggest that first you try to solve the problem
> of 'khatam an nabiyyeen', the death of Jesus, etc. Only then you should look
> into Mirza Sahib's writings. At present you have a set mind. It is biased
> and all looks fraud to you. An unbised research requires an unbised mind.

[Verily in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find
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