[qadianism] Re: Great news for Ahmadis
By Rashid @emirates.net.ae

Dear Mr Farhan

I think you have a very good opportunity here to expose my lies.
If I have fabricated the following quotations or any other articles,
please produce the correct quotations here to prove that what I am
implying is wrong.

As for the gaps or ..... in the quotations, it is a well recognised
method used when quoting lenghty materials, as long as it doesn't 
change the meanings or implications of the quotations. Again you 
have a good oppurtunity here to fill in the gaps and show to the 
people on this forum that I am delibrately trying to misguide them.

The entire story is too long to be encompassed in a small post. 
Besides the purpose of this forum is to relate the entire story,
bit by bit. InshaAllah.



Farhan Qureshi wrote:

> your articles are fabricated Ali Saheb, Read around them please and
> find out the truth... by the way how come your quotations always have
> ....... and mroe ..... and some more ........ ???? You never give the
> entire story.
> ---Rashid < rasye-@emirates.net.ae > wrote:
> >
> > Mr Farhan
> > Are you aware of thes Ahadith about the coming of Mahdi?
> > You will admit that it is in the light of these Ahadith that we
> > are waiting for the coming of Imam Mahdi.
> >
> > If you feel that by not accepting Mirza Ghulam, Muslims are
> > lying then you should read what your own founder has written
> > in his books:
> >
> > "I do not claim that I am that Mahdi who is according to
> > (words of Hadith) 'from the son of Fatima and from my progeny' etc."
> > (Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya V, Roohani Khazain vol.21 p.356)
> >
> > "We admit this that several Mahdis may have come before
> > and possibly will come in future as well and probably someone
> > by the name of Imam Muhammad may also appear."
> > (Roohani Khazain vol.3 p.379)
> >
> > I rest my case :)
> >
> > Wassalam
> > Rashid

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