[qadianism] Re: Refutation of Qadiani Quotes and Arguments - General Response
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>  umaraadi-@excite.com  schrieb:
> > To the qadianis:
> > Please articulate for us the "lies" of Dr. Rashid. So far, the only lies
> > that I have seen have been those of the qadianis. And in the future, kindly
> > watch your mouths. Thank you.
> Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz schrieb:
> Well The biggest lies and cusswords I have ever listened are from your 
> Mullahs, and you are going to  tell us to watch our mouth.

This not answer to question.  Vallahe this not Muslim way.
When you accuse of lie, you must prove or yourself a slander
and liar.

Qadianis shouldn't just call Muslims liar with not proof.
That's wrong.  That's done because they teach to hate 
Muslims and to seal their heart and brain.

May you be guided.

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