[qadianism] Re: Hei Farhan
By Farhan Qureshi @yahoo.com

Wa'alaykum Salaam Akh Alladin,

According to yourself: I am so young and need to study more??? I
challenge you Akhi!!! The challenge is who knows more about Islam:
myself or you? Ask me any question about Islam!!! If I am unable to
answer, then I am useless in these discussions, but If I am able to
answer, your questions then I have proven myself as a knowledgable
Muslim. Vise Versa as well.

--- alladin_ahma-@geocities.com  wrote:
> Assalaamu'alaikum.
> I believe you are too young to discuss about Qadianism. I prefer to
discuss with Ahmadis who knows well about Ahmadiyyah. You need study
more,Akhi Ahmadis.  Your emails are sort and seem, however, a joke to
us. Prove man, talk man, if your religion is true!. Bring your Mirza
teaching here. For example you can say
> From Bahrein Ahmadiyyat, page....Mirza said .....
> Then I will reply about Mirza Teaching!. Do not follow blindly man.
I wonder you say "Ahmadiyya Wal Jama'ah Islam." Who taugh you? 
> You gave misinterpretation about the messenger of Allah. But when I
sent the articles "Great News for Ahmadis", you denied. Which verse
are you following Akhi Ahmadis?  I understand that you are still
young, 14 years old. You need study more, therefore I will give you a
hint to study about the truth. 
> Suppose there is a man who claim as muslim, and say to us that "we
do not neet pray and worship to Allah  because Allah Himself said:
'[Holly Qur'an] 107.004 So woe to the worshippers'." Then whay do you
reply to him?
> I believe if you can answer, you will get a start of the truth.
> I hear your reply.
> Wassalaam.
> Alladin Ahmad bin Abdul Jihad.

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