[qadianism] Re: Hei Farhan
By Rashid @emirates.net.ae

If you are a Qadiani/Ahmadi, follower of Mirza ghulam, then you
should have the same knowledge about Mirza's writings.

The aim of discussion in this forum is not to verify or refute 
the validity of Islam as a religion but to expose Ahmadiyyat for
whatever it is. Is there anything wrong in that?

If you are knowledgable about Islam, it is highly commendable, 
but how does that prove the validity of Ahmadiyya doctrine? How
does that prove that Mirza Ghulam was a truthful person?


Farhan Qureshi wrote:

> Wa'alaykum Salaam Akh Alladin,
> According to yourself: I am so young and need to study more??? I
> challenge you Akhi!!! The challenge is who knows more about Islam:
> myself or you? Ask me any question about Islam!!! If I am unable to
> answer, then I am useless in these discussions, but If I am able to
> answer, your questions then I have proven myself as a knowledgable
> Muslim. Vise Versa as well.
> Wassalaam,
> Farhan
> --- alladin_ahma-@geocities.com  wrote:
> >
> > Assalaamu'alaikum.
> >
> > I believe you are too young to discuss about Qadianism. I prefer to
> discuss with Ahmadis who knows well about Ahmadiyyah. You need study
> more,Akhi Ahmadis.  Your emails are sort and seem, however, a joke to
> us. Prove man, talk man, if your religion is true!. Bring your Mirza
> teaching here. For example you can say
> > From Bahrein Ahmadiyyat, page....Mirza said .....
> >
> > Then I will reply about Mirza Teaching!. Do not follow blindly man.
> I wonder you say "Ahmadiyya Wal Jama'ah Islam." Who taugh you?
> >
> > You gave misinterpretation about the messenger of Allah. But when I
> sent the articles "Great News for Ahmadis", you denied. Which verse
> are you following Akhi Ahmadis?  I understand that you are still
> young, 14 years old. You need study more, therefore I will give you a
> hint to study about the truth.
> >
> > Suppose there is a man who claim as muslim, and say to us that "we
> do not neet pray and worship to Allah  because Allah Himself said:
> '[Holly Qur'an] 107.004 So woe to the worshippers'." Then whay do you
> reply to him?
> >
> > I believe if you can answer, you will get a start of the truth.
> >
> > I hear your reply.
> >
> > Wassalaam.
> > Alladin Ahmad bin Abdul Jihad.
> >
> >

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