[qadianism] Re: Mr. Aladdin, Farhan
By Rashid @emirates.net.ae

Mrs Sadiqa Malik
Wa alaikum assalam

Farhan has repeatedly expressed his state of knowledge to the
point that he has even boasted that he cannot be proven wrong.

I think that it is now his responsibility ot produce from his 
founder's writings whatever is needed during the discussion 
in this forum.

Of course there are Muslim mosques as well as Qadiani centers 
where people can go for further information but when we are 
participating in a forum, such a knowledgable person as Farhan
should produce the proof from the writings of Mirza Ghulam. 
Either he has not read the books himself, or he doesn't have
access to these books. In either case he should admit that and
rather than disregarding the proofs presented here by other 
members, he should try to verify or refute those quotes after
consulting the original sources.


MADAMSADQ-@aol.com  wrote:

> Assalamoalaikum,
> Mr. Aladdin, I understand your point of Farhan not quoting the books of
> Promised Massiah and so, and I am glad that you do recognize a young boy
> answering to his best ability, I am just trying to say please do not put him
> down for that, he has done a very good job in explaining whatever details
> there are in question.  If you do need some extra information and you do not
> like his answers, you are always welcome to visit any of our mosques in any
> state or any country and I assure you will get the answer you are looking for.
> Khudahafiz
> Sadiqa Malik

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