[qadianism] To Br. Sadiqa Malik
By Alladin Ahmad bin Abdul Jihad @geocities.com
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MADAMSADQ-@aol.com  wrote:
> Assalamoalaikum,

Wa'alaikum salaam wr. wb.
> you are always welcome to visit any of our mosques in any
> state or any country and I assure you will get the answer 
> you are looking for.

I just wonder why many Ahmadis bravely say like that. Br. Sadiqa
Malik, we should distinguish between Islam and Muslim or between
Islam and Sects. When you face some muslims fights each other, 
do not draw conclusion that the religion Islam itself is wrong.
There are something wrongs on their faith(iiman). Islam teaches
clearly that Muslim should keep the brotherhood. Conversely, if
you find a sect which have peacefully life, do not draw the 
conclusion that their fundamental belief is exactly true. 

I remember that my Japanese friend said, "I am very happy 
that Buddism is peace religion and different with Islam. Look 
at Irak-Iran, Irak-Quwait etc. These give proofs that Islam is
terrible religion." 

Almost of Ahmadis have a belief like my Japanese friend. They 
do not distinguish between Islam and Muslim. In fact, I am very
sad that many muslim who fight against other muslim. This is our
duty to call people come back to the teaching of Islam. I 
understand that the most impression to nonmuslim about Islam is
the behavior of Muslim. So I try hard to tell Muslim so that 
they follow as Muslim behavior. 

I have many experiences to discuss about Ahmadiyyah. Almost of
them say, "Please come to our mosque, please visit our 
Television, look at Irak-Quwait, Indonesia, Taliban etc." 
Br. Sadiqa Malik, how do you spread Ahmadiyyat? I believe same 
way as I wrote above. I tell you one thing. Why they do not use
Mirza teaching itself? OK only 2 books, have you got the teaching
of Bahrein Ahmadiyyat and Izala Auham from them?  If no, why do 
you believe them? If yes tell me the truth of those books. 

Muslim who spread Islam using Al-Qur'an and Hadith(Sunnah). Why
they spread Ahmadiyyat using statement,"Please come to our 
mosque, please visit our Television, look at Irak-Quwait, 
Indonesia, Taliban etc." Don't you have question why they do
not use the books of Mirza? This is important. The interesting 
one is almost of the followers of Mirza who spread Ahmadiyyat 
have NOT read the books of Mirza. It is very ironic. They quote
many subhat fatwa from Tabi'in Mirza and not the teaching of
MIRZA itself. And very ironic, some of them use THEIR fatwa 
from their mouth themselves. 

May be you surprised on their coorperation and brotherhood, but
do not forget the fundamental thing, that is, faith. You should
think what is Ahmadiyyat and its teaching. If you get proofs that
Ahmadiyyat follows Al-Qur'an and Hadith then believe it and 
spread it. And do not forget to tell me the truth of Ahmadiyyat
and I follow you and spead the teaching Ahmadiyyat to others. 
However, you can visit the true about Ahmadiyyat through Irshaad
page or Br. Rashid page. We do not digrace you, but calling you 
to the right path.

We love something because Allah, and reject something because 

> Khudahafiz

Rasulullah saw. taught about greeting in many hadith,
"Assalaamu'alaikum." I know the greeting of Khudahafiz
is good but the best is Assalaamu'alaikum, why? because we are
the follower of Muhammad saw and he taught it. 

> Sadiqa Malik

Alladin Ahmad bin Abdul Jihad. 

p.s. InshaAllah I will post my articles about Ahmadiyyat. It
is good for you to understand.

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