[qadianism] Ascension of Prophet Isa (A.S.)
By Umar Aadil Abdul Rahman McKloskey @mailcity.com

Allah (S.W.T.) has told us many things in the Qur'an. He has 
told us that He has given us the Qur'an as a way of correcting 
the mistakes made by the Christians and Yahudi. He has told us 
that some of the things that each of them believed were true; 
others, false. 

For example, Prophet Isa (A.S.) was not "begotten" by 
Allah, contrary to the teachings of the Christians; nor is Isa 
(A.S.) one among a hypothetical "trinity" established 
by the Christians.

Allah (S.W.T.) has refuted these Christian beliefs, along with
the belief that Isa (A.S.) died on the cross.

But nowhere does Allah (S.W.T.)  tell us not to believe in the 
ascension of Prophet Isa (A.S.). Indeed, there are words that 
indicate that He did indeed cause the ascension of Prophet Isa 
(A.S.). This language has been opposed by the qadianis, but 
what they have failed to do is to show that Allah (S.W.T.) has 
rejected the ascension.

Obviously, this is not an omission. Allah (S.W.T.) has made it 
clear enough to us that He has given us the Qur'an as a means 
to resolve outstanding differences. The question then arises, 
why did He not tell us to reject the doctrine of ascension?

This point is especially important when considering that the
Christians use the ascension as a means of trying to establish 
the  "begotten sonship" of Prophet Isa (A.S.).

Supposedly paul received a message from Prophet Isa (A.S.) 
calling down from the heavens above. The doctrine of ascension 
is essential for acceptance of the Pauline fraud that 
introduced error into early christianity.

The belief that Prophet Isa (A.S.) is now and continuously in 
spiritual communication with his disciples,that he guides, 
forgives and guards them, is essential to the false doctrines 
of pauline christianity. 

The fact that Allah (S.W.T.) did not warn us against a belief 
in the ascension, coupled with the established fraud of the 
pauline christians in abusing the ascension to further their 
wrong beliefs, militates quite strongly in favour of the 
ascension having taking place. 

Surely, if the ascension had not taken place, Allah (S.W.T.) 
would have told us so, in order to oppose the christian 
falsifications resulting from their misuse of this fact.

Instead, Allah (S.W.T.) has told us that He has taken Prophet 
Isa (A.S.) to Himself; rather than clearly specifying that 
Prophet Isa (A.S.) is dead.

Interestingly, the qadianis argue in favour of the return of 
Isa (A.S.) entirely from the hadiths certifying this fact (as 
the return is not mentioned in the Holy Qur'an); yet, they 
reject without evidence these same hadiths when they explain 
the circumstances under which these events will take place. And 
these events clearly could not include mirza.

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