[qadianism] Re: No.2 Shadow Hajj Lies of Dr Rashid
By Rashid @emirates.net.ae

Mr Ch Muzafar

Your another point was about the accusation of Shadow Hajj

>D.R Going to Qadian is a Shadow Hajj. ( tell me where you 
>get it from)
>MA: Let us go to Makkah and we will do there Hajj, one
>thing I will do hajj, and nobody can stop me, and 
>Allmighty Allah will help me to do it InshAllah.

First of all, as long as you declare that you are a
Qadiani/Ahmadi, you can never enter Makkah Mukarramah and
Madina Munawwarah except by lying and deception. This is the
punishment from Allah. Did Mirza go for Hajj? No because he
was scared for his life. Did Mirza Tahir go for Hajj?

My source for the label of shadow hajj comes from here:
"People go for ordinary and supererogatory (Nafly) Hajj. But
in this place (Jalsa Salana in Qadian) the reward is more
than NAFIL HAJJ and to remain neglectful is harmful and
dangerous since the Way (of Ahmadiyyat) is divine and order
is from God."
(Aina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Roohani Khazain vol.5 p.352)

"Since only those people can go on Hajj who have the means
and are rich, although Divine Movements always initially
spread amongst the poor and poor are excused from Hajj. Thus
God has fixed one more ZILLI HAJJ so that those people with
whom He wants to take the task of Islam's uprising and those
poor that is the muslims of India may also participate in
(Khutba Mian Mehmood Ahmad, Khalifa Qadian, Newspaper alFazl
vol.20 No.66 dated 1st Dec 1932)

"Just as without Ahmadiyyat the FIRST Islam, that the Islam
which remains leaving Hazrat Mirza Saheb out of it, is a dry
Islam. Similarly the Haj of Makkah without this ZILLI HAJJ
is a dry Haj, because these days the purposes of Haj are not
attained there."
(Statement of a Qadiani, Newspaper Paigham Al-Sulh vol.21
No.22 dated 19th April 1933)

Please also remember that Mirza & Co. has declared Qadian as
sacred as Haram:

"The land of Qadian is now respectable
Crowd of people has made it Land of Haram".
(Mirza Ghulam's poetry, Dur-e-sameen p.56)

"Due to some genuine excuse those friends who could not come
to Qadian on this occasion (of Jalsa Salana), they are
really helpless..but those who have promised to give
precedence to faith on worldly matters and.....their
eagerness to collect the blessings of ARDH-e-HARAM (Qadian),
to see the Respected Imam... has reached to Dar-ul-Aman
Mahdi in time, their godliness and sincerity is commendable.
At the time of prayers, whole crowd cannot be accomodated in
the Blessed Mosque and worshipers are seen on streets and
the display of the reality of FOUR MUSSALLA of ARDH-e-HARAM
is seen every year." (Akhbar Al-Fazl, Qadian vol.3 No.74
dated 26th Dec 1915)


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