[qadianism] Re: Without Ahmadis -no Pakistan
By Irshad @irshad.org

Once again, I will only point out that there are numerous
unbelievers around the globe who have served their land loyally.
Even if we were to ignore all the evidence to the contrary and 
accept the doubious statements of the Qadiani leaders, does 
service to someone's land qualifies one to be called a Muslim
or a believer?

Please, read the following hadeeth and reflect upon this truth: 
without correct intentions, and sincere and correct obedience to
Allah(SWT) and His Messenger(SAW), all worldly accomplishments 
are meaningless.

Narrated Abu Huraira:

  We witnessed the Khaibar (campaign) with with Allah's Apostle.
  Allah's Apostle told his companions about a man who (had)
  claimed to be a Muslim,
    "This man is from the people of the Fire."

  When the battle started, the man fought very bravely and
  received a great number of wounds and got crippled. On that,
  and said,
    "O Allah's Apostle! Do you know what the man you described
     as of the people of the Fire has done? He has fought very
     bravely for Allah's Cause and he has received many wounds."

  The Prophet said,
    "But he is indeed one of the people of the Fire."

  Some of the Muslims were about to have some doubt about that
  statement. So while the man was in that state, the pain
  caused by the wounds troubled him so much that he put his
  hand into his quiver and took out an arrow and committed
  suicide with it. Some men from among the Muslims rushed to
  Allah's Apostle and said,
    "O Allah's Apostle! Allah has made your statement true.
     So-and-so has committed suicide."

  Allah's Apostle said,
    "O Bilal! Get up and announce in public: None will enter
      Paradise but a believer, and Allah may support this
      religion (Islam) with a wicked man."
     (Bukhari, Al-Qadar, 8.77.603)

Indeed, Allah(SWT) may support this religion even through a
wicked man or an unbeliever.  However, those who reject faith
and resist Allah(SWT) and His Messenger(SAW), after the Truth
has been delivered, will not receive any benefit from their
earthly deeds: they will receive what they deserved before

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