[qadianism] Re: The youngest Farhan's answer???
By Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz @okay.net

I donīt know whatīs the problem is of his Age, see he challenged
you guys now, now it will shame for Non Ahmadie not take the 
Try to covert him, if you can.
Wish you all the best.

Alladin Ahmad bin Abdul Jihad schrieb:

> The youngest Farhar said:
> > but If I am able to answer, your questions then I have proven myself as a  knowledgable Muslim. Vise Versa as well.
> You need the proofs that you should study more? The following ones are
> proofs, man. Indeed.
> Q1: I wonder you say "Ahmadiyya Wal Jama'ah Islam." Who taught you?
> Answer from Farhan: (nothing!)
> Q2: You gave misinterpretation about the messenger of Allah. But when I
> sent the articles "Great News for Ahmadis", you denied. Which verse are
> you following Akhi Ahmadis?
> Answer from Farhan: (nothing!)
> Q3: You need study more, therefore I will give you a hint to study about
> the truth.Suppose there is a man who claim as muslim, and say to us that
> "we do not neet pray and worship to Allah  because Allah Himself said:
> '[Holly Qur'an] 107.004 So woe to the worshippers'." Then what do you
> reply to him?
> Answer from Farhan: (nothing!)
> Do not be sad, because you have enough time to study the truth. I
> request you, think well before sending any email.
> Wassalaam
> Alladin Ahmad bin Abdul Jihad

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