[qadianism] Re: I need some answers
By Irshad @irshad.org

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Farhan Qureshi wrote:

> Challenge to Mullah Irshad as well!!! 

Dear brother, this is not a very healthy attitude.  Generally 
speaking, those who take this attitude are not seeking for the 
Truth and will not be able to Submit, because their pride and 
ego will take the Best of Them.  For your own sake, I hope you 
will not make such a mistake.

Dear Farhan, neither I, nor anyone else, can "convert 
you" to Islam: you must want Guidance for yourself.  We can 
provide all kind of evidence which would be enough to convince 
a person of average intelligence of the fact that Qadianism is 
not a Divine Mission, nor part of Islam.  But, that is how far 
we can go: the rest is up to you.

I hope you, and others, remember how the uncle of the Prophet(SAW), 
who had supported Islam and had no doubt of the truthfulness of
Rasulollah(SAW), was unable to utter the Shahadah publicly: he was
afraid of what his clan members would think of him...  That, sadly,
is the situation with many Qadianis, Christians, and Jews.

May Allah(SWT) give them the Courage to admit to the Truth, when 
the evidence is shown.

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