[qadianism] Re: A Serious New Development of Contradiction!
By qamar @ahmadiyya.com

Mr. Rashid wrote that "Liar forgets what he had previously
said". Yes, it is true, thats why Mr. Rashid forgot that the
arrguments under this topic as raised by a non-Ahmadi (man of his
opinion) were:<P>
1)There is a contradiction between the writings of Mirza
Sahib (A.S) and his 4th Khalifa
<P>2) Socrates committed suicide. 
<P>When Mr. Rashir realizeed&nbsp; that the above said
arguments have been clearly proved wrong then instead of accepting
the truth he tried to attack from an other angle and in doing so 
(being a liar) forgot that his new argument (which was although 
totally base less) is clearly negating their previous arguments.&nbsp;
Mr. Rashid you had tried to put a false alligation against the one 
who was appointed by Allah so Allah has proved the same against 


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