[qadianism] Re: The Finality of Prophethood - Concensus of Scholars
By qamar @ahmadiyya.com

There is a Hadith of our holy Prophet (peace be upon him) that
throws light on the subject of Finality of Prophet hood. Narrated by Hadrat
Anas (r.a), the Holy Prophet Said that " Allah sent revelation  to
the Prophet of  house of Israel Moses that whoever will meet Me in
such a condition that he will be a denier of Ahmed (SAW) then I will enter
him in hell, whoever he may be. Moses (A.S) asked, ' who is Ahmed'? Allah
replied, 'I have not created any creature who is more honourable to Me
than (Ahmed) him. I have written his name with Mine on My Throne before
creating the Heaven and Earth. Indeed the Paradise is forbidden for all
My creation until that Prophet and his Ummah (followers) have not entered
it..........Moses (A.S) requested (to Allah) ' Make me the Prophet of that
ummah'. (Allah) replied ' <B>The Prophet of that ummah will be from amongst
them</B>'.&nbsp; Moses requested that ' Let me be one, amongst his ummah'.
(Allah) Replied 'You are before them and they will be after you, however,
I will gather you in Paradise'.&nbsp; (Ref: Khasais-ul-Kubra)
<P>Above hadith is also reported in a book titled as "Nashrut-Tyyab" written
by one of the most famous scholar of sub-continent "Hakeem-ul-Ummat Maulana
Ashraf Ali Thanvi" and printed by one of the&nbsp; famous publisher of
Pakistan (i.e. Darul-Asha-at).
<P>Above Hadith clearly tells that :
<P>1) There will be a Subordinate Prophet (Subordinate to Muhammad peace
be upon him) after the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh)..
<BR>2) The Subordinate Prophet will be from amongst his Ummah (followers).&nbsp;
<BR>3) Said subordinate Prophet can not be a Prophet of Past.
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