[qadianism] Re: Al A'raf: 35
By qamar @ahmadiyya.com

There is a debate going on about the Verse 35 of Surah Al-Araaf
at this forum. The translation of said verse and the verse 36 (of same
Surah) from a Renowned Non-Ahmadi Muslim Scholar Mr. A. Yousaf Ali is given
<P>Allah says that "O ye children of Adam! whenever there come to you apostles
from amongst you rehearsing my signs unto you those who are righteous and
mend (their lives) on them shall have no fear nor shall they grieve. (Al-Araaf
35). But those who reject our signs and treat them with arrogance they
are companions of the fire to dwell therein (for ever). (Al-Araaf 36)
<P>In order to form basis for denying any future Prophet i.e. a Prophet
(subordinate) after Muhammad (peace be upon him) which the above verses
clearly speaks of, some debaters have raised various points regarding interpretation
of said verses. Following are said points along with their analysis :
<P>1. What is the difference between "Rasul" i.e. Messenger and "Nabi"
i.e. Prophet?
<BR>2. Who are addressed as "Children of Adam" and who are not?
<P>Some of the debaters have expressed their views that there is a difference
between a Prophet (i.e. Nabi) and a Messenger (i.e. Rasul). According to
their opinion the Messenger (Rasul) is one who always brings a new book
of law.
<P>But when we search in Holy Quran we do not find any such differentiation
among the Prophets. Instead, for example, Allah has mentioned Jesus as
a Prophet as well as a Messenger in the Holy Quran.
<BR>So, at one place the Holy Quran says about Jesus (A.S) that:&nbsp;
"And Allah will teach him the Book and Wisdom and the Torah and the Gospel.
(3:48). "And will make him a messenger to the Children of Israel (to say):
I have come to you with a sign from your Lord .(3:49).
<BR>And at another place the Holy Quran says that Jesus said : "I am indeed
a servant of Allah: He hath given me revelation and made me a prophet;
<P>As shown above the Holy Quran describes Jesus as a Messenger as well
as Prophet.&nbsp; When we refer to Bible (New Testament) we also find Jesus
clearly saying that : " <B>Do not think that I have come to cancel the
Torah or prophet's books</B>." Mathew 5:17.
<P>Therefore, it can be seen from above that the message which the messengers
bring is not necessarily&nbsp; always a new message rather it can be revival
of previous message as in the case of Jesus (A.S). So, it is totally a
baseless conjecture that a Messenger is one who always brings a new book
of law (and so cancels the previous one).
<P>The second point raised by some debaters as mentioned above is regarding
" Who are addressed as "Children of Adam" and who are not?&nbsp; Some of
the debaters have claimed that " The matter of the fact is that Quran never
addresses the Arabs as the "Children of Adam".
<BR>When we analyze the argument regarding "Arabs never called in Quran
as Children of Adam" we find the same totally wrong as well. Because we
find that Allah says in Quran that " When thy Lord drew forth from the
children of Adam from their loins their descendants and made them testify
concerning themselves (saying): "Am I not your Lord (who cherishes and
sustains you)?" They said: "Yea! we do testify!"&nbsp; (This) lest ye should
say on the Day of Judgment: "of this we were never mindful."&nbsp; (Al-Araf
172 Translation by renowned Non-Ahmdi scholar A.Yousaf Ali)
<BR>.Mr. A.Yousaf Ali wrote in the commentary of above verse that :"According
to the dominant opinion of commentators each individual in the posterity
of Adam had a separate existence from the time of Adam, and a Covenant
was taken from all of them, which is binding accordingly on each individual.
The words in the text refer to the descendants of the Children of Adam,
i.e., to all humanity, born or unborn, without any limit of time."
<BR>Here a renowned Non-Ahmadi scholar admits that according to <B>dominant
opinion of commentators the Holy Quran includes the entire humanity, born
or unborn, without any limit of time, in the phrase of "Children of Adam"</B>.
So it is against the spirit of Quran to assume that the entire humanity
is not included in the Quranic phrase of "Children of Adam".
<BR>If, however, someone still insists that they are not included in the
"Children of Adam" then they must recall that this world was begun with
<B>Adam and Iblis</B>. So, if according to their own claim they are not
amongst the "Children of Adam" i.e. Adam (A.S) is not their ultimate forefather
then who <B>else could be that</B> ??????
<BR>Regret for those who, in their effort to oppose the one who is appointed
by Allah, do not know that where they are going and what they are preferring
for themselves !!!!
<P>May Allah guide us all to the right path.

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