[qadianism] Re: I need some answers
By Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz @okay.net

Assalamo Alaikum

Rashid schrieb:

> Mr Ch Muzafar
> Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz wrote:
> > Well then I have a really Bad news for Dr. Rashid, he said me long time ago,
> > when I will read the Books of Hazrat Masih Maood(AS), I will see what is
> > truth? so Rashid Sahib, I read the references of his writing, but with a mind
> > of Non Ahmadie, and what all I can say it MashAllah what kind of knowlege
> > Hazrat Masih Maood(AS) have.
> Yes it is indeed a bad news for me, that even after reading the books of Mirza
> Ghulam, your eyes could not open for the truth.

Well I read only few things and my eyes are open to see the lie of oppents of us
and  you read i think everything but still close, ouch.Truth this I have gotten
from Allah(SWT) Hazrat Mohammad SAAW and Hazrat Masih Maood(AS)

> All I can say is inna lilllahe
> was inna ilahe rajeoon. May Allah show you what is right and what is wrong and
> give you the courage to follow the right path. Ameen.

Well Allah(SWT) showed me what is wrong and what is right, and I am on the right

> > I have followed and I am following and InshAllah will Follow Allah(SWT) and
> > his Messanger Hazrat Mohammad SAAW and this only with the blessing of
> > Almighty Allah(SWA) InshAllah.
> If you are truthful in your statement, then where does Mirza Ghulam fits in?

So you want in detail, Ok I am following Allah(SWT) Hazrat Mohammad SAAW all
Messanger of Allah(SWT) and Hazrat Masih Maood (AS), is this enough or shall I
repeat it again? because all oppents of Jamaat Ahmadiyya took and are taking and
will take everything in the wrong way.

> Wassalam



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