[qadianism] Re: The youngest Farhan's answer???
By Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz @okay.net

have I said it that Hadiya isnīt NAUZOBILLAH from Allah(SWT)??

Rashid schrieb:

> Dear Ch Muzafar
> I think you have got it all wrong.
> Hidayah is from Allah. No one can force another to accept the truth.
> Our task is to convey the truth, expose Mirza Ghulam for what he is.
> Then it is upto you to accept it or not.
> Remember! Hidayah is given by Allah to those who seek it.
> If someone adamantly wants to remain on the wrong path,
> so be it.
> Wassalam to those who follow the hidayah.
> Rashid
> Ch. Muzafar Ah. Shiraz wrote:
> > I donīt know whatīs the problem is of his Age, see he challenged you guys now, now it will shame for Non Ahmadie not take
> > the challenge.
> > Try to covert him, if you can.
> > Wish you all the best.
> >

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