[qadianism] Re: Lets read what the youngest Farhan answered
By Farhan Qureshi @yahoo.com

As-salaamu `alaykum

Alladin Ahmad bin Abdul Jihad < alladin_ahma-@geocities.com > 

> Assalaamu'alaikum wr. wb. 

> I do not want to disgrace you. Why I used "the youngest 
> Farhan," because you told your age. You seem, however, 
> to show indirectly "I am young, and you Mr. Rashid, Doctor, 
> and you Mr. Alladin, Master, but I can argue with you." I 
> just warn you. 

If I never told my age, would you then say the youngest? I told
my age only to be honest with myself, telling others I am not the
most smartest person in this e-group.
> Alhamdulillah, I got "answers" from you and explain 
> why you need study more. I hope your grandfather will join 
> to this forum.  

My Grand Father probobly does not even know how to use a computer. I
am teaching him though. He is a retired Imam; and I learn from him.

> This is the biggest proof that you like to say arbitrary sentiment!
> Alhamdulillah you said, "If I am wrong prove me incorrect".  


> I am going to treat you from the subhat of Ahmadiyyat in other email. 
> Step by step I am bringing you to the truth. Do not forget to forward
> my email to your grandfather. 

Insh'allahu Ta'alah. We shall see Akhi.
> Again and again your comment is arbitrary word. I understand because
> you are treated by Ahmadiyyat environment. If your environment treated
> you red color only, without any doubt, you recognize the red color
> only till adult. But If you study many color, then you will recognize
> other colors and are able to distinguish each colors.

Iam familiar with the other "colors" of Islam.

> You asked me, "  I have no clue to what you are trying to
> prove", I do not believe that you do not know
> what I meant. You told to us that we should follow verses 
> 40:34(in your  Qur'an 40:35) and 7:35(in your Qur'an 7:36) 
> so that we follow Mirza. And I gave you a hint so that you 
> read other verses why Allah said like that. Interestingly, 
> you denied other ones who claim as Imam Mahdi and Promised 
> Messiah Isa Ibnu Maryam althought you recognized those
> verses only. That is why you need study more to understand
> Al-Qur'an. If one (like you) uses verses of Al-Qur'an 
> arbitralily and ignore other verses, then he will get many
> misunderstandings about Al-Qur'an itself. 

You gave me pictures of one who has claimed to be Mahdi, yet you did
not give me any proofs or evidence that she is actually from Allah
(swt). Does it say in Hadith that women can be Mahdi???? She has
nothing to do with the Ahmadiyya Jama'ah -e- Wal Islam.

> This is a proof that you do not read the verse directly! This is a proof
> that you need study more. If you open your Qur'an then you will
> understand EASILY! The answer is on the following verse 107.005. Do you
> know why I gave an example question like that? because I am going to
> treat you so that you should carefully to use verse for arguing. 
> Good... Farhan, it is time for you to change your study system
> better than before. I already visited your grandfather's home page,
> but one thing, please tell your grandfather why he did not publish 
> all of the books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Don't you have a question 
> why? I want to know his reason, and tell him that I want to study 
> from him about Ahmadiyyat. How one will convert to Ahmadiyyah 
> without knowing the teaching of Mirza themselves.  

My GrandFather does not have an actual site but, I am the creator.
Although I created it with his help! Why my Grandfather did not
publish the books of the Messiah is because he can-not do so with out
the permission of the Supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Comminty.
But anyhow it was a little late for him anyways because 
he became a Sunni Muslim for a entire part of his life. Although
through prayer and supplication he re-changed his sect to the
Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. By that time he was old and decided to
retire. He is a dedicated ahmadi Muslim now and as he ever was before
and after the becoming a sunni. He is an Ahmadi Muslim and untill his
death he shall stay unless Hadhrat Isa desends in his lifetime or
otherwise is proven incorrect. 

> By the way, from now, I would like to send my posting about
> Ahmadiyyah. You can read easily. 

 Created with the help of Imam Maqbool Ahmed Qureshi,
 my grandfather

 Was-salaamu `alaykum akhi,

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